PyOpenGL 3.0.0b1 is out (Lots of bug fixes...)

Spent the whole day yesterday and today on PyOpenGL 3.x. Fixed quite a few show-stopping bugs, such as a silly little failure in the array handling and using the wrong function-types for callbacks on Win32. As mentioned, got the Nurbs working yesterday.

I've uploaded a compiled version of GLE for Win32 folks as well. I've packaged up a Win32 exe installer, setuptools seems to do strange things under bdist_wininst (creates a top-level OpenGL and PyOpenGL-version-egg directory), but it does seem to work. I don't have any extensions available on Win32 (it's an emulated Win32), so haven't tested that there.

At some point during the beta process I may get ambitious and see about making GLUT, GLE and Togl work by making them binary inclusions on Win32 that are loaded if there's no system versions. I'm not intending to introduce any new core functionality in the OpenGL libraries, though I might look at writing WGL, AGL and/or XGL packages if I get the time.

I'm working on getting OpenGLContext packaged and ready to go, but the Win32 exe installers are missing the root package's files. I worked on getting a TTFQuery/FontTools with the numpy patch (now actually working) put together (it's up now).

I got a Win32 Toolkit environment set up again, so I can compile the accelerators for the PyVRML97 library (now a proper separate package). I've also moved back to using standard PyDispatcher instead of packing a copy into the VRML97 library.

Anyway, try installing PyOpenGL 3.0.0b1 and let me know where it breaks.


  1. Sébastien Ramage

    Sébastien Ramage on 01/02/2008 8:36 a.m. #

    Hi !<br />
    it works !... but not with py2exe<br />
    I get this :<br />
    RuntimeError: Unable to find an implementation for the 'win32' ('nt') platform<br />
    <br />
    I have included OpenGL package but I got the same.

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