Thinking of a W500

I've been checking out various attempts to install Ubuntu on the Thinkpad W500 series...  The system can't switch on-the-fly between the two graphics chips, but it can use the 3D card, which is what I need for OpenGL work.  Thinking I'd go for 2.53GHz and as much RAM as she'll hold, with the higher-resolution screen.

There's a $700 discount if I order today but the site says it would take > 4 weeks to ship!  Heck, the normal price might drop by that much in 4 weeks!  Apparently the DVD drive is what will delay it... sigh, only $560 dollars extra to get a Blu-Ray that could ship immediately... sheesh, just ship the drive a few weeks later!

Still, may decide to take the plunge, it's not as uber as the new Alienware 17", but it should be a lot lighter to carry around :) .

[Update] Order is on hold, hopefully will go in by tomorrow.


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