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Inevitabilities... (Chores and taxes...)

Did a few hours after work on getting the bit-rot out of ConflictSolver last night... not a lot of progress, though it's now able to at least load the main screen. The zcollection code is still seriously messed up, as the CS code is now expecting the new (heavily refactored) API, while zcollection itself is ...

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wxPython is migrating rather fast (Looks like maintenance on the wx projects would be a good idea)

Just reading through the wxPython migration guide and change-log. I need to get cracking and update wxoo for the new apis & the changes. There's a lot of stuff that looks like it may break some of the hackier bits. Also thinking that I should see about creating and donating a multi-method mechanism to provide ...

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Correspondence of yesterday (My own little news service...)

For those following "The Life of Mikey":
  • Emailed the beautiful one last night. She's busy with job and university applications.
  • Rosey got her first acceptance letter for teacher's college from Lakehead (way up North).
  • Alexei wrote, need to reply some time soon.
  • Developer is needing help getting ConflictSolver put together, I'm going to have to ...

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The next bug awaits... (Hierarchy properly created, but no record of group's values)

Some day real soon I'll be able to make the front-page tree control display the group data... sigh. For some reason the group-data recorder refuses to actually insert any data (though it will insert empty records). I'm suspecting a problem in the database definition (i.e. lack of a unique key) as the code all seems ...

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Joey's Redhead's wish list (Publishing the wish-list on the web, what a novel idea...)

Joey's gf, "the Redhead" has put her wish list on the web. Friends and I often get together and discuss our wish lists, but I don't think any of us have published them. Of course Alanis Morissette's "21 Things I Want in a Lover" is a really public point in the continuum of publishing ...

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Software bugs are most similar to ticks (They suck the blood (time) right out of a project)

Been trying to track down this silly bug for... far too long. Basically two fields from the scanner aren't getting copied to the tracking table, as a result, the automatic generation of network hierarchy is failing (it can only assert that the modems belong to the CMTS, not that they exist on a particular channel). ...

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