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Management meetings, argh! (Just when you're in the middle of debugging)

Trying to figure out what to do about this situation that has re-occurred. Basically, the CMTS can talk to the modems fine, so Cinemon sees them as online (because they CMTS says they are), but Cinemon itself can't talk to them. The question is do I report them as online or offline? Oh well, Tim's ...

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This just keeps happening (Shouldn't listen to my family...)

Back when I was a kid (10 or so) I had this idea as I was being dragged about the mall for a foldable three-legged chair for tired husbands/brothers to carry on shopping trips. It would be a lightweight foot-high contraption that would fold into a package that could be readily secured to the body ...

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At least there's something to read (Coming full circle and reading encyclopedias again)

I've got approximately 15 minutes in the edit-test-debug cycle where I wind up doing house-cleaning (mostly electronic) and/or searching for little tasks I can do without messing up the actual test. However, I'm thinking I should spend the time reading the Wikipedia.

PyDispatcher should be standard... (Just so I can use it everywhere)

I have to promote PyDispatcher more, particularly the "robust apply" and "safe ref" modules, which I find myself wanting in other projects all the time. Robust apply looks at the parameters a callable object takes and filters a set of parameters to only include those declared. Safe ref allows for registering callbacks to instance methods ...

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Stupid things that cross my desk (Child pornography charges against the child?)

As I sit here waiting for the server to be re-built, I'm trolling through my regular news sources. What should I see but this story. Wherein a 15 year old is charged with charged with child pornography offences for having created and shared pictures of herself.

Auto-conversions and distutils (Or how I spent my afternoon)

Turns out the auto-conversion script I was given is actually pretty limited in what it does. I wound up hacking in a few extra features (such as actually using the new import wx form), but I really should have just gone ahead and rewritten it. It's using a manually-maintained mapping set that's seriously limited, so ...

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Kinda late getting started today (Up all night with wxPython migration)

wxPython 2.5 is finally making the import wx style "normal", so I figure wxoo should be converted to it. Ah, thinks I, 2 or 3 hour task I can do before going to bed (forgetting that it's the leap-forward-day). 6 clock hours (5 actual) later I've only converted 1/5th of the project. I did fix ...

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Sheesh, $117CDN total income for a year? (I know, I know, I was doing open-source all year, but still...)

Just finished sorting everything out for the 2002 and 2003 years. $117 total income in 2002 (all bank-account interest), with $40 spent on the PSF membership and $40 donated to charity. Net income of $37 dollars (CDN, so about $4US). Hardly seems worth filing, but I'll have to anyway. Of course, turns out I *didn't* ...

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Oh yes, that stuff... (In case anyone cares)

I know no-one really cares about how the internal project is going, but I did finally manage to get the front-page tree control to display the (now recorded) summary data. So far only one piece of it, but the data is now getting in there, so it's just a matter for tweaking what's stored and ...

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