Sometimes the universe loves ya (Thanks universe! (You too Bryan!))

Went to Unix Unanimous this evening. Spent most of the post-meeting-post-dinner drinks talking with Dave and his partner (Andrew? Didn't get a card) about their upcoming Open Source accounting package (Python + PostgreSQL) and the potential of integrating my planned Open Source billing/provisioning system for Cable TV, Internet and VoIP into that.

Also scored a remarkably generous offer of a free server (or pair of older servers), rack-space and connectivity. I'm planning on building VoIP demos and the like on the server, nothing particularly demanding. I was planning on getting some virtual server package somewhere for development/demo work... this would be far better.

The pair of servers is an old commercial caching solution that's been turned into a regular pair of Unix boxen. The pair of servers are mission-critical hardware (if somewhat old), redundant everything (and two of them). They're only 500MHz processors, but they'd probably make very sweet PBXs. The other is a comparatively new dual 1.2GHz machine, but AFAIK just a regular server, not a mission-critical machine. Of course, not planning on any mission-critical operations for it either.


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