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Days of marketing splendour (Drat it, how many t's in that word!)

Spent the bulk of yesterday on various marketing tasks, reviewing and rewriting the product introduction, recreating screenshots in higher resolutions, finalising the demo install for the San Antonio conference.

The annoying part is that I didn't really enjoy it. Normally I love doing marketing-type work, it's a design discipline, after all. This time I just ...

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My mysqld fails to restart (Mysteriously reconfiguring Linux...)

For some strange reason the /var/run/mysqld directory wound up with incorrect permissions to allow the user mysql to write to it. Neither the mysqld or mythbackend init.d scripts caught the failure, so the machine was sitting with neither service running for the better part of a day (since I rebooted fairly early this morning to ...

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Holy disappearing weekend (Nary a bit of production to be seen...)

Comes right down to it, I didn't produce anything this weekend. I once again sat down to work on my examination of Modernist Architecture and once again had to stop when I realised that I needed to read more. Read more, but didn't get back to the writing. Kinda felt like talking to <elided> this ...

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Wiki-addiction takes hold (I was just going to read...)

Decided to spend a bit of time reviewing Modernist Architecture this evening. It's been a long time and I'm getting very rusty in pulling up names and buildings. Was a good time, basically just touched on Le Corbusier, Mies and started on Gropius. Then I happened to click on a link on a trivial little ...

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Ah, the glory of portabellos (Cheap mushrooms!)

The portabello mushrooms were the same price as the plain-old white mushrooms at the market. Yay! Having a few people over to celebrate :) . Haven't done anything else productive yet this weekend. Though I suppose the nap from which I just woke was useful in some way.

We need a pydoc replacement (Modularity and extensibility being the things that are missing...)

Working on the ctypes wrappers some more this evening. Spent some time making the code generate names for the arguments. Got deeper and deeper into that until I realised I was considering rewriting the whole generation engine... that's generally a bad sign.

So, back up a little and look at something else. Realised that pydoc ...

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Enough with the long days already (This one's trying to turn into a run-away)

Spent the first half of the day installing the demo on the laptop. Lot of headaches with PostgreSQL until I decided to install the native (instead of the CYGWIN) version. The last half of the day was spent dealing with stupid little bugs in the live systems. Lot of annoying junk. Worse, it's still going ...

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I forgot how pretty Cinemon can be (Windows laptop and a data transfer switch makes it so obvious!)

So, after another extended day, went to the UU meeting to see Bryan and pick up the laptop. It's an IBM X31 ThinkPad with a busted screen, so I have to connect it to my monitor, making it entirely non-portable. Luckily, Steve Holden gave me a switch and cables for sharing a monitor at PyCon, ...

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Sleep refuses to come (A little ctypes-ing to calm the mind...)

Since I couldn't sleep, decided to build a wrapper to create an OpenGL context for testing the new ctypes-based code. Simple enough with PyGame, just import, init and set the mode and we're off to the races. Found a few small bugs when the code started running, and enhanced the error reporting a little, but ...

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