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Shidan suggests a predictive dialer app (Doesn't seem hard, but is it what I want to do...)

Shidan was mentioning that they might be interested in a predictive dialer application. It's a fairly straightforward system, you have a statistical algorithm that tries to predict how many operators will become free over the next X seconds (taking currently length of each call into account), another algorithm figures out how many connections will go ...

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The key to Asterisk, it turns out... (Is rebuilding kernels obsessively until you find one that works...)

Tim was having such pain building Asterisk on FreeBSD I decided I would try again under Gentoo. Used a fresh kernel version (2.6.15-r5), did a build with the 2.6.14-r5 .config, re-emerged the nVidia driver, rebuilt the zaptel svn, rebooted to the new kernel, saw ztdummy had failed to load, so rebuilt zaptel again and noticed ...

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To poetry events this weekend (we go) (Slam on Friday, Meetup on Saturday)

For those poetry writers in Toronto, there's a Poetry Slam on Friday at 9pm at the Victory Cafe (581 Markham Street, near Bathurst and Bloor). Poetry slams being competitive live poetry composition/reading. There's a $5 cover at this one. For the less rambunctious lovers of the word, there's a Poetry Meetup on Saturday at 4pm ...

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When did I lose the joy in playing with new computers? (Not even remotely a hardware guy any more...)

Dad gave Rosey a new laptop a week or two ago. I've been dragging my heels on getting it set up for her, but tonight I decided to get cracking on it. Nothing too involved, getting the networking set up, checking out what's there, figuring out how to install Linux on it so I can ...

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Those features you just want to avoid (Impedence mismatch is a powerful disincentive...)

I've been avoiding one of the features on the todo list for the VoIP project for quite a while, mostly because it seemed poorly defined and not particularly useful. Decided to just go ahead and bash through it yesterday. Still not finished, but the poorly defined part is done, the rest is just figuring out ...

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To Fix Warm Words

To bring light back to this world
Requires a philosophy you have
In the past rejected out of hand
To love the universe in whole
To see the patterns playing out
Behind each troubled care-wrought face
To love them for their frailties
For their base unkempt passions
But most for their higher nature
Deep behind ...

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A Ruined Nap (But a very pleasant meal)

Tried to take a nap this afternoon, but the bleeping phone kept ringing. Apparently Rose decided it would be cute to wake me up by calling the house phone from her cell every 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I really needed the sleep.

Luckily, the reason she was wanting to wake me up is because Shiva and ...

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Getting OpenGL-ctypes to work with ctypes (Done, sorta, but I don't recall these weird array problems before...)

At one of those annoying moments in coding where you're not sure if something is a bug in your own code, or one of two different libraries. I've been getting a few problems ironed out with the ctypes release (a tool we were using was removed, but equivalent functionality is there).

The problem is ...

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SimpleParse 2.1.0a1 released (3 years after the last release...)

You know you've got to spend more time on your Open Source projects when you start measuring the period between releases in years.

Anyway, SimpleParse 2.1.0a1 is now out. The actual SimpleParse code is pretty much identical to the 2.0.1 release of way back when. The big difference is that this release includes a forked ...

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