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Curiouser and curiouser with Asterisk manager interface (pyst doesn't seem to realise that there are event-generating queries)

Can't sleep, so spending more time with the manager interface. Interestingly, it seems that pyst has a fairly low-level assumption that just doesn't match the manager interface: namely that all events should be dispatched asynchronously to registered handlers. The problem is that certain actions produce a response, then a sequence of events in order that ...

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Retrieving information from the Asterisk manager interface (Again, using pyst)

A somewhat shorter task here. Imagine for a moment that you want to be able to list the currently available SIP peers (in a web-site front-end, for instance). The manager interface can run any Asterisk command-line-interface command, but how do you get the results of that command? It's not exactly obvious, but this little recipe ...

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Using Asterisk's manager interface to generate calls (From Python using pyst)

This is not a deep and profound project, it's a quick "hello world" example script that allows you to generate a call via Asterisk that connects a SIP URI to a particular extension in your call plan. You could use this as-is to create a phone survey or similar system that connects a user to ...

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Minor tweak to the kernel a bad idea (ztdummy non-functional, whole system gone for a bit...)

Woke up this morning to try the results of last night's last kernel recompile. I wasn't able to get zaptel running, and have been noticing that the system clock is going wildly out of sync (despite ntpd running), so I turned off the preemptive kernel switch. Oops. Every loadable kernel module became non-functional. Rebuilding the ...

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Housekeeping is dangerous (Accidentally blow away my only working kernel's source directory...)

I ran out of disk space on my "old" drive (which is where my home directory and all non-multimedia files go), so I went through and killed off the various system directories from my old Linux install (I run from the new disk now). Unfortunately, I didn't remember that /usr/src contained the last working Kernel ...

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Why no productive output today (I need home for a rest...)

Out rather late yesterday (or this morning, I suppose). Leigh and I hit a trance club after Simon's party. Got home around 5am. Despite the lack of sleep, however, I triumphed 3 games to 1 against grams. However, I haven't been able to get to sleep for a nap yet (despite trying all afternoon). Too ...

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Refined and Abundant Depth (First of the rest of the chapter...)

The chapter on depth is really very long. The introduction to this section is a little to strong when read without that context, the division outlined here is one of many aspects of depth that gets discussed; you don't need to point out that there are others just as important:

For the purposes of designers, ...

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How We Perceive Depth (Section after the introduction from yesterday...)

This is the section just after the introduction. I've edited the introduction slightly (added a few paragraphs of clarification), but it's still basically the same. The section here deals with the question of how we perceive (detect) depth in our environment:

Human beings generally do not know everything about the environments they inhabit. We also ...

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