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Sept. 18, 2006 - Sept. 24, 2006

Hey buddy, looking for an Open Source Python job? (And other miscellany from PyGTA)

Had a good turnout at PyGTA last night. Aaron presented Panometric's (currently proprietary, may get open-sourced) web-application wiki. In essence this is a mechanism that allows users to edit an application's templates using a customised version of docutils that includes a number of directives for including e.g. auto-generated tables and the like. It works by ...

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Mail server disappears again (Grr...)

Once again my machine at home has disappeared. So no email today. I actually set up the PII-450 with dovecot yesterday, I was thinking of moving the mail services over to it with an rdiff-backup to the main machine, but didn't get that done yesterday. Sigh.

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