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Jan. 22, 2007 - Jan. 28, 2007

This week was just too long (Treading water...)

My plan last Wednesday was to get a given feature finished, have the customer review it on Thursday and then do some polishing. Various factors killed my productivity on Wednesday and Thursday (much of it being an aborted attempt to create the "right" system instead of the "right now" system). Still, woke up Friday planning ...

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I hate it when problems "fix themselves" (Hard to guard against reoccurance that way...)

I spent most of yesterday and half of today trying to track down a bug in email sending from the billing system. We hadn't changed any code, but were suddenly seeing duplicate emails. Spent ages trying to find something wrong with the code, eventually just had to assume it was a system-level problem.

So, plaintive ...

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Moving StarPy discussions to the mailing list (Formalizing communications)

Since there are more people using it and there are people wanting to share experiences and/or discuss usage we should use a mechanism that's a little more community oriented. In that vein, I'll try to switch to using the StarPy-users discussion list for most discussions of the library. Probably still post little snippets here once ...

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