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Mind your Ps, Qs and CCallbacks

Been debugging a weird error in GLUT this evening.  Basically if you went into OpenGLContext and used a right-mouse-click-and-drag to rotate around the center-of-view, there would, every once in a while, be a seg-fault.  It didn't happen if you rotated a bit more slowly, or you turned on full logging to see what's going on, ...

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Look, but don't worry about them...

One of my colleagues was mentioning a book he'd read in which the author claimed that the most important thing we should be doing was figuring out a way to deflect "killer asteroids" (I assume or meteorites) intent upon destroying the Earth.  The author was apparently saying our greatest need as a society was to ...

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Code Cleanup Begins

Working on getting some code cleanup done for PyOpenGL today.  Eliminated some wrapper objects.  Made the raw API much smaller (file-size).  Switched to using the pyglet generator for the GL, GLU and GLUT libraries (still not finished the GLUT port though, the callback types are causing problems).  Made it possible to disable array-size checking for ...

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Time to Collect PyOpenGL Source Code Samples

Next step in regenerating the PyOpenGL documentation is to produce the per-function/per-constant sample-code references.  We do this by scanning checkouts of Open Source packages that have online source-code views and generating links to those views on the corresponding documentation pages.

Or, we could be ridiculously lazy and just use a hard-code Google Code search link, ...

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Next Up: Code Cleanup

PyOpenGL 3.x has been in development for something on the order of 3.25 years, from the first tentative experiments in making a ctypes wrapper to something that's almost a drop-in replacement for PyOpenGL 2.x.  In that time I've gone through a significant number of code generator approaches and have altered the method I use for ...

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Porting to PyOpenGL 3.x from PyOpenGL 2.x

Just went through the process of porting PyUI to PyOpenGL 3.x.  The changes were pretty trivial:

  • was using glVertex2i but passing it doubles (Python floats from Pygame Rects), PyOpenGL 3.x doesn't allow that kind of silent auto-conversion (just for performance reasons related to adding the call to the wrappers, I'd be happy to have it, ...

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Almost done the doc generation script

I've got the documentation generation script for PyOpenGL 3.x to the point where the output seems to be reasonably useful.  It's definitely got rough spots, but it shows the C and Python APIs (C from docbook source files, Python by introspection).

If you just want to take a look, sample output is up at a ...

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Documentation Generation

I've just coded up a documentation generator that can take the OpenGL man pages in DocBook format and turn them into (X)HTML.  We were previously using the DocbookXSL stuff, but unfortunately that takes hours and hours to process the OpenGL manual set.  With lxml.etree and fairly straightforward coding I can produce the base documentation in ...

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Profiling, Debugging, Testing; Tools, Tips and Techniques

Reminder that PyGTA is meeting tonight to share experiences with tools for dealing with complex and large code-bases. How do you find bugs when they show up?  How do you determine where to spend your optimization energies?  How do you make sure they don't show up again?  What interesting tools do you have for peering ...

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Finally clearing the py3d backlog

Afraid I've been putting off entering the various Py3D projects that people have been sending me (kept thinking I'd get my act together and rewrite the script to use a DB).  Anyway, since that doesn't seem to be happening, I've entered everything that was sitting in my email inbox into the script.  If I've missed ...

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