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March 9, 2009 - March 15, 2009

Graphics suck time... indecision more...

Working on one of the graphics for the OpenGL 3.1 presentation most of today.  It's a fairly generic drawing, showing the VBOs, texture-storage, Vertex and Fragment shaders and the various interconnections such as Vertex Attributes, Uniforms, Varying attributes and the like.  I found two drawings that were very similar to what I wanted, one in ...

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Reasonable first-run of Profiling talk

Did a version of the PyCon talk on profiling at HackLab's weekly Python Newbies night this evening.  This was a bit of a "kitchen sink" presentation; every thought I had on the topic thrown into a presentation to see what stuck.  As a result it was around an hour long (pushing to get it done ...

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OpenGL 3.1 Talk Preview at PyGTA on Tuesday

It's official, I'm abusing my position as PyGTA convener to practice my other PyCon presentation on people.  I am a very naughty boy.  As I've been working on the OpenGL presentation I'm leaning further and further toward just teaching the 3.1 feature-set as "something to understand" and then just covering the migration to 3.1 as ...

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Being pushy helps

I've been wanting to try out the two presentations for PyCon somewhere.  I'll probably inflict a version of the OpenGL one on PyGTA on Tuesday (minus the "migration" parts, as very few people here are already using PyOpenGL).  But I still needed a forum full of victims for the Profiling one.  I was very pushy ...

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Long day's Dojo into AJAX

Spent the whole day working on Dojo widgets... seems I spend almost every day these past few months working on Dojo widgets.  The Dijits (as they call them) are far more robust than the per-page custom-coded stuff that I'm replacing, and we're winding up with a fairly generic collection of "things" from which we can ...

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What to do about education?

The OLPC seems to have run off a cliff.  Sugar labs seems intent on continuing their OS UI experiments, which might bear fruit in a few years, but which for now make development for the platform untenable.  Sad to see all that wasted potential that seemed to just lack someone practical saying "hey, you need ...

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