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Close to moved in on Linux (TV, voice dictation, and backup still missing)

For those following the drama of my move to Linux. I'm getting pretty darn close to entirely moved in. I've not booted Windows in long enough that I've forgotten when it was. Those three missing items are still pretty significant "not there yet" elements, but they all are within reach, I just don't have time ...

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Oh, and I got a toy today (Wish I had time to play with it...)

I got my license key for Writer's Cafe today! It's a little story-outlining tool for Fiction writers that's written in wxWindows. I got a copy because it's author was being ridiculously nice when asking people (wxWindows contributors) to send him a form.

Of course, I have very little time for writing fiction these days. Heck, ...

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Another good day (Statistics display for CMTS working)

Had a bit of an "oops" this morning as Tim called my attention to the fact that the billing system is relying on the current Cinemon for it's bandwidth-usage data. Means that I can't leave the demo scanner running for Bryan... eeps, just realised writing that that I never sent him his password/url combination.

Discovered ...

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Productive day all-in-all (Didn't touch the speed issue, focussed on user-story completion)

So I spent the last few days working on getting user-stories finished for the demo. As of right now I know that the physical-hierarchy upload works as expected and properly collects the modems for the physical hierarchy.

Couple of (2) major user-stories still pending, (reconnecting) the email alerts, and displaying group/modem information textually. After that ...

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Maybe it's slow because all database access goes through the single queue (Or maybe there's just too many deferred's scheduled)

Too tired to test the hypothesis this evening, but I'm wondering if the reason the user interactions are being held up so long is that they are trying to execute a database operation. Database operations are linearised to avoid deadlocks, which could quite readily be resulting in any given database-dependent operation taking a long time ...

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Still bites, but not that way (SSL-encrypted connection works, but not regular)

[oops, forgot to hit submit last night]

Got past that little roadblock. Now I'm trying to work on getting the performance up to something usable. The intensive scanning mode that works beautifully on my workstation is killing the (far less powerful) server. I can regenerate the overall views as fast as I can hit refresh ...

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