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Well, that's at least one leak fixed (Now just need to run for 4 or 5 hours to test it)

Found a small leak. Basically I keep a table to all streets with (num,apt) indexing lists of modems at that location (normally only a single modem). The code to do that, however, was assuming that it was starting from scratch (i.e. at system load time), whereas these days the locations are re-loaded every 20 minutes ...

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Dratted local minima (Rumours of the leak's demise are unfortunately exaggerated)

Bleep. There was a dip at 6 hours, but after 20 minutes or so it started climbing again, so we have an unusable product (demo is still fine, it's been running for 17 hours now).

Worse, though, there was a group that went offline, but I got no email. Of course, I forgot to give ...

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Ding dong the leak is dead (The wicked leak, the wicked leak... though it's evil sister the database error is still threatening Dorothy...)

Well, it takes approximately 6 hours, but it does eventually reach a steady state for memory consumption. While waiting for it to stabilize I implemented the device-hierarchy. Unfortunately, I'm now seeing hard-hangs every once in a while on my machine (looks like yet another database-driven problem, as it's occurring just after the hierarchy import completes ...

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2-hour test-debug cycles are annoying (Not enough time to do anything significant, not enough to work on another project, but way too much to just sit waiting...)

Been working on the memory-leak problem. Problem is, the system is supposed to "leak" memory for ~ 2 hours as it scans each modem and records it's values. I think I may have solved it 2 hours ago, but I really won't know for another hour or more (even then, the rate of the leak ...

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Ah, the wonders of recursive searching (Search-within-a-search just drops in my lap...)

As mentioned last night, today's first order of business was to get seach working. At the moment this is limited to searching for modems. One of the key requirements, however (again, none of this actually laid out in the original spec, we just decided on Friday) is that search be such that you can optionally ...

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That's it for tonight (Didn't get the search functions working yet...)

There are 3 user stories I'd like to get done for the demo; modem search, data graphs and at least one of the synthetic hierarchy types (devices). I'm about 1/2 done the search story now. The database-access bug on cmon is still keeping it from completing the requirements (i.e. running the full demo), but the ...

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Need to find a way to distract myself (There's not a lot to fire the imagination at the moment...)

I'm considering purchasing an ATI TV Wonder to be able to use MythTV on this machine (we pay ~$50/month for cable TV and watch maybe 3 shows a week at the moment (yes, yes, I should be listening to lectures or something, but I'm out of philosophy lectures, and the music is *really* getting repetitive ...

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Hmm, and then the simple things decide to bite you... (Installing matplotlib on Gentoo turns out to be a chore)

Matplotlib (which I was intending to use for plotting the data-value graphs) turns out to be a bit of a pain to install. Looks like it's looking for the "CXX" library as part of the Freetype-wrapper build process, which, it turns out, is actually hard-masked (i.e. -* flag) on Gentoo AMD64.

No idea why this ...

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Don't solve all problems that could possibly be... tonight... (Or puzzles that open doorways to hell...)

I'm not in hell at this point in the day, which I attribute to reigning in my natural impulse to solve all problems.

You see, at heart I'm a philosopher/theorist. I am happiest when I am searching for the grand patterns in life, the ones that explain everything. That's a great trait when you're ...

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