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Bit'a Open Source house cleaning (Working through the backlog of todo items...)

I have literally hundreds of todo items piling up in the various Open Source projects I run, so I figure I may as well plow through a few tonight. For instance, I fixed a small bug in PySNMP-se (that is, the speed-enhanced version of PySNMP 3.x) and re-released it. Spent quite a bit of time ...

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It's so much nicer when you can *see* progress (Get OpenGL-ctypes to the point where something shows up on-screen)

My primary interest in computers is graphics. Comes right down to it, I like computers because they let you create virtual worlds, and while a simple cube floating in space isn't much of a virtual world, it's just enough of a reward to make me happy :) . Basically I'm just loading the PyGame context ...

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Choose between fixing trivial regression bugs and management meetings... (Tough choice, eh-what?)

Management meeting went longer than normal (and it start the day much earlier than normal for me). After that I fixed a stupid refactoring bug that had crept in while I was trying to simplify a very rarely used case... unfortunately it showed up on one of the live systems!

I'm actually done for the ...

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