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Feb. 7, 2005 - Feb. 13, 2005

It would be so much easier if I had hardware with these extensions... (Oh well, gives me an excuse ;) )

Spent a few hours reviewing and trying to integrate Brian's Vertex Buffer Object extension patch. It was made against the 2.0.1 release (my fault, I've been slow getting to it), so there was a bit of migration work to do. Problem is, the migration to SWIG 1.2.23 seems to have changed how the new vertex-pointer ...

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That was a fun little party (Even though I do seem to have offended at least one lady...)

Went over to Dan's place for a potluck party. Lots of interesting folks. Had quite a few interesting conversations, on design, design theory, religion (where the lady got offended), politics, technology (solar, wind, hydrogen economies), computers (and some work), and other things I've forgotten.

Tried to practice my listening a little, but at least three ...

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No way to generate patches (SourceForge's anonymous CVS for "p" projects is down...)

Not a huge amount of PySNMP speedup for the day, wound up doing quite a lot of whole-application profiling, but hours of that only represents a few runs in total (it takes a long time to load 100MB of profile data in wxProfile). Discovered that, in the demo code, almost 33% of running time is ...

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It may be worth it to rewrite wxProfile... (Well, actually wxProfile2, as that's what does hotshot loads)

It takes my (moderately beefy) machine 3 or 4 minutes to load a profile for a small HotShot profile run (e.g. the TwistedSNMP test suite). Although I try to do useful work while it's loading, a lot of the time is just wasted reading email, or news, or what have you.

It might be worthwhile ...

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Optimising and re-optimising (Deja-vu for PySNMP hacking...)

Spent the whole day staring and poking at PySNMP. I think I see a way to speed the system up to something reasonable...

The basic problem is that any given final class, be it a simple integer holder or a full SNMP get message, is composed of about 20 mix-in and base classes, all of ...

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A day on tickets and a night on Numpy (Need food though...)

Few more bug-fixes and enhancements to Cinemon today. Nothing stunning, a few new OIDs added to the collection, an annoying bug in the email-limiting code fixed, that kind of thing.

Spent the evening looking at Jelle's genetic algorithm code and then rewriting it using Numpy so it would both be easier to follow and more ...

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