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Jan. 2, 2006 - Jan. 8, 2006

Getting MeetMe running on Gentoo (Key is apparently to specify the "zaptel" use flag when emerging)

I'm trying to do a little experiment with MeetMe under Asterisk. Nothing complex, just using a SIP account to create a little user's chat line thing. Eventually have it controlled by the provisioning system with a charge added to your monthly bill when you set up a conference.

I got blocked the last time I ...

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Well that was cool (For about 5 seconds...)

So, I finally got all the ducks in line enough to let Cinemon do an entirely "remoted" scan of a real CMTS and all of its modems... It was kinda cool. My little workstation here was running both the server and the client, along with another hundred or so processes, including recording video and everything ...

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History of Rice Pudding

The rice pudding is just rice
Cooked too late to do it right
I should be sleeping
But my mind is spinning
Jumping from project to project
Wanting to build
Something for the ages
In these last few moments
Before sleep
Rice pudding will never make it
Into the history books
But I can get ...

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Sometimes the solution needs time to gestate (Sometimes you induce labour...)

Had another one of those moments, you know the ones; you are starting to run out of tickets in the project and realise that 2 or 3 of them are actually the same basic problem that you've been avoiding for a few months because it doesn't seem to have an elegant solution.

You back off ...

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A bit of paying work (Since I don't seem to be getting anything done on the Open Source stuff)

Finally discovered the reason the silly togl ebuild doesn't work: the makefile doesn't actually install anything, so it creates an empty package... so useful. I got to that point and just said to heck with togl.

Decided instead to take a nap and then get some paying work done. Discovered one of those nasty bugs ...

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