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Closing in on RunSnakeRun 2.0

I've got the bulk of the features I want to see in RunSnakeRun for the 2.0 release finished now.  There's still some GUI cleanup work to do, and I want to implement some "exploration" features (e.g. up/down buttons and the like).  Still, it does about what I want it to do now.

The new version ...

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glHistogram and ARB imaging

The docs for glHistogram clearly say that if the GL_ARB_imaging extension is not supported then glHistogram is not present... except it appears to be present (and even accepts calls), but if I pass GL_HISTOGRAM to glEnable( ) I get an invalid enumerant error.

I'm pretty sure this card *should* support the whole of the imaging ...

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Hoping to make Saturday a PyOpenGL day

If all goes as planned, Saturday should be a PyOpenGL hacking day.  Hopefully get 4-5 hours of solid work in, maybe enough to stabilize the OpenGL_accelerate module and try to get a 3.0.0 release candidate out the door.  There's still a problem with the crashing of the list/tuple handler, and there's a half a dozen ...

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Neat little feature added to RunSnakeRun

Just roughed in a neat-ish little feature for RunSnakeRun.  Basically it's a hierarchic view of your profile data where the hierarchy is directories/files/functions rather than function-call-record based.  It uses only the "localtime" values from the raw records so that you can see the total time spent in a given package, sub-package, module and the like. ...

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Square-map shaping up

Have moved SquareMap into LaunchPad and done a bit of work on making it more wxPythonic and adaptable.  I've also made it handle "empty" space better, so that if you have time spent in local for a given parent it shows up as empty space in the parent.  That's important in RunSnakeRun because you want ...

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