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Laptop Presentation Fail Take 2

So yesterday we needed to have the participants at the PyCon/Mozilla Maker Party view their videos on the front projector, and the loaner laptops were not happy with the task (many of the projects had 2, sometimes 3 Youtube videos running at the same time in their mashups), so we plugged in my Laptop with ...

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Public Service Announcement PyPI "wx" is not what you think...

It is not wxPython you are installing.  It's a "my first module" test package...

So how does one "claim" the top-level namespace module on PyPI when the namespace module is different from the name of the project.  Is there some mechanism to create a redirect from "wx" to "wxPython"?

Py_buffer underwhelms so far

I spent this evening getting the Py_buffer support in PyOpenGL worked through the codebase.  Originally I'd converted the numpy handler to use Py_buffer when in non-accelerated mode, but in the end it didn't provide much of anything other than the occasional "duh" moment where a piece of code assumed that you could treat an output ...

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PyOpenGL Py_buffer Support Moving Forward

I've been getting the Py_buffer protocol based format handler for PyOpenGL implemented. The actual handler for buffer-providing types is pretty simple, and the numpy handler is now rewritten into a tiny subclass that just provides a "zeros" method and some "coerce to contiguous" code.  Not yet ready for prime time, and needs accelerator support still, ...

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Packaging Ubuntu/Debian is not fun

So I wanted to get Eric4 running on my Ubuntu 13.04 laptop, no problem, the latest Eric4 is compatible, just download the Ubuntu package source, run bzr-merge-upstream and then debuild, right?

No, because Eric4 is a multi-file tar source, where the secondary files (translations) all have binary files that do not play well with the ...

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pip/pytz fails with 1.4 and 2013b

We happened to be building a new build server today, and one of the steps in the process is to install packages.  We download all of the packages to local disk in one step (pip install --download ${packages}), then install them in the next step (pip install --no-index --find-links ${packages}).  Thing is, while pytz downloaded ...

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Upgrading the Laptop

I finally caved in to the silky sweet seductive tones of Docker. I can't risk the desktop as I need a working machine, but if the laptop is borked I just lose the ability to work away-from-home for a few days. I'm hoping to set up a whole suite of build/test containers.  If it works ...

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Create a DKMS DEB for a kernel module

If you have a traditional kernel module, such as the one for the ASIX AX88179 (source code) you may be rather reluctant to install it on your Ubuntu 12.04 machine because it requires re-compilation for every kernel upgrade.  Well, that's what dkms is for, so let's turn that source release into a .deb ...

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ctypes + PyBuffer?

Chris Barker asked about having a PEP 3118 format handler for PyOpenGL. I've played around with this in the past, but always wound up with segfaults due to apparent double-free operations when using ctypes to do buffer work.  Basically, once I GetBuffer() into a buffer the deallocation of the buffer struct in ctypes seems to ...

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Defaulting a POINT to GeoIP

So you added a totally cool and gnarly view that lets the user specify a POINT on a map (and text coordinates), and then two more to let them view and explore them.  Your users should love you forever... but those dratted users are complaining that the default location is off in the Atlantic ocean ...

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