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Moving forward with PyOpenGL XML Generation

So I finally (with some prompting) sat down to create a code-generator based on the Khronos specification xml documents (the things that khronos uses to generate the official OpenGL (GL and GLES), EGL, GLX, and WGL headers.  Originally I was trying to use Khronos own generator code, but in the end I just wound up ...

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Uploading GBs to Django

As some may remember, one of our products involves the user posting very large (multiple GB) files. Previously we've been using an nginx extension that does a direct-to-disk streaming decode during an upload, but that extension isn't available in newer nginx (which we'd like to have available in order to take advantage of HTTP Live ...

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Updating the Laptop to Kubuntu 13.10

Apparently Kubuntu 13.10's version of the fglrx driver is now equivalent to the beta one I added to my 13.04 install to get it running, so I decided to do the upgrade. However, it kept failing with a cryptic error that it couldn't do the upgrade because I was either running a pre-release ubuntu (no) ...

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Multicast and Performance Binds

Networking fun this week.

The big nasty that bit me was that a .bind( ('',port) ) on a multicast socket will get all packets sent to any local socket listening to that port, even if this socket has not registered membership in the group.  So if you have two capture processes, each trying to listen ...

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Twitch Lightmaps and (the start of Shaders)

So I was feeling a bit burned out on programming this morning.  What's the solution to that, you ask?  3D graphics, obviously.

I pulled out Twitch (What's Twitch you ask? It's a very simple loader for .bsp maps).  I finished off the shader parser and added lightmap support.  At this point you can load ...

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Toronto Python Meetup Hack Night Project

Hasan's project for the Hack Night was a log-file visualizer to be used with real-time-ish log parsing such that you could "waggle a mouse in this window and see the performance stats in this one" (he does video driver testing by day).  We decided to step that down to parsing a sample data-file (in this ...

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New RunSnakeRun and SquareMap available

It has been rather a long time since the last release of RunSnakeRun, mostly because I don't actually find myself using it when I'm doing web development for the most part (just not as performance sensitive as 3D graphics I guess).  Since other people are using it, however, I suppose I should get a ...

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Nginx upload module

Nginx has an upload module (in the nginx-extra package, not in the nginx-full one) that is very nice when you want to allow users to upload large files (think multi-GB video files).  The way it works is that you define a location to which posts may be made where the post may contain an upload. ...

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Hyperloop Read-through

So somehow instead of working tonight I found myself reading through the Hyperloop plans from Elon Musk. Basically it's a very-low-pressure, but not true vacuum, steel tube held up on pylons from LA to San Francisco.  Linear accelerators (magnets) push cars through the tube by acting on aluminium blades on the bottom of the cars. ...

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