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Argh! Proposals! (Completely forgot them today...)

Way too few hours in the day. Need to get proposals put together for PyCon Tutorial and Talk. So little time, so much to get done.

Got the XO and the big laptop sharing via bzr on the workstation at home at least. Big laptop is currently in the middle of upgrading itself as a ...

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Poor timing in network operations (I do not heart sugar-jhbuild)

Discovered a strange bug when I was working on networking the TicTacToe game. Remembered someone reporting a mucked-up sharing issue (sharing just went AWOL), so I updated via jhbuild. Urgh.

Now the sharing issue is worse and I'm without a working development environment on this machine (vmware is killing the whole machine due to a ...

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Making TicTacToe actually TicTacToe (Not a test suite...)

Sat down intending to do a spike test for a networked model that fed into (and was fed by) a GUI across multiple clients. Instead I spent the first half of the evening making a (single-person) TicTacToe game. The current TicTacToe activity in olpcgames doesn't actually do TicTacToe, so needed to get it to the ...

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Fun and Game Wrappers (Maintenance coding...)

Spent the whole day so far on the OLPCGames wrapper. Lots of code clean up and documentation. Created a stupid-simple script that punts out the boilerplate "sugar" code for a simple Pygame project with icon, setup file, activity definition and the like. Mostly because I was getting annoyed having to do all that junk every ...

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GStreamer seems unhappy with me... (No streaming...)

Working on minor changes to the OLPCGames wrapper. Wanted to try something small to start off with so I'm not rewriting huge tracts of code. So started with making an asynchronous interface for the camera.snap function.

It's a pretty trivial function, really, start up a gstreamer pipe, iterate until it's finished, exit, load the resulting ...

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Dev Environment Building (Fun day in compiling...)

Managed to get both the (i386 Ubuntu) laptop and the (amd64 Gentoo) workstation to build sugar-jhbuild today. There was a bug in an install script that I had to fix for the laptop, and a dependency issue on the workstation (new threaded boost required), but nothing too terrible.

Point of all this was to get ...

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Game Jam Toronto Plans (Need to make some...)

We've got a venue (Linux Caffe). The venue is reasonably small, so we can't have more than about 8 people (otherwise we start annoying other customers and/or preventing them from getting a table). At the moment we have ~5 people, 4 coders and an artist (I'm counting myself as a coder for this project). We ...

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Wasted Time (Evening disappears trying to get networking working...)

Wanted to sit down and work on the olpcgames wrapper tonight. So, fired up my trusty VMWare and was promptly informed that it wasn't set up for this machine (I normally use it on the workstation, not the laptop). No big deal, set up networking and get working.

Hours later still no working network. I ...

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Learning in the Rain (Using my B4 in Taipei...)

Wound up with an awkward couple of hours yesterday, not enough time to really document the Confucious and Daoist temples, but an hour and a bit with some travel time at both ends before the OS Taipei meeting. Grabbed a coffee and went through the olpcgames wrapper code.

Started off in the caffe, then spent ...

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Presentation seems to go well (Few questions, though...)

Presentation went reasonably well today. The Asus and the XO were sitting next to each other on the podium, they really are very similar systems. I tried to make it clear that we'd like to get the software and content shared across the various systems, so that we avoid teaching "computers", and teach children how ...

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