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Forgot how fun PyGame is (Been way too long...)

Been hacking on a spike test for Productive for the last few hours. PyGame is really very fun once you get (back) into it, gets right out of the way most of the time. First task was to re-learn sprite-based rendering and create a simple grid of squares that responds to mouse-overs with a highlight. ...

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What to do for 24 hours (Rubbing hands in manic glee... free time (sort-of))

Have half a dozen different projects that all need my time. Going to have 24 hours to work on them as I get over to Taipei. I'm thinking maybe spend the bulk of the time on a few spike tests for Productive. Control systems, that kind of thing, so we're not going into the Game ...

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Only 24 hours to go (Lots and lots to get done...)

I leave tomorrow afternoon for Taipei (need to hit the airport around 3pm tomorrow, so need to leave here around 2pm). Finishing up the talk now, pausing to let it settle before reviewing and re-cutting... may try to cut 7 more slides. It's strange how a topic that was a 5 minute presentation a month ...

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Oh, they want lots of details (Check the duration of presentations...)

Turns out I'm scheduled to give a 2.5 hour presentation tonight (Soni pointed that out yesterday night). Should remember to check these things. Not a big issue, I can talk for days about the project off the cuff, but the slide decks I've been using lately are targeted at a 20-30 minute presentation (or less). ...

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OLPC-Toronto Game Jam/Sprint (Participants?)

We're thinking of having a Game Sprint on the 16th through the 18th of November (still looking for an appropriate venue). At the moment there's only 2.5 of us. We've got one brainstorm (or a light drizel) of doing a simplified Real-time Strategy game. More powerful downpours welcome.

CMU is going to be doing a ...

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That was really fun! (Long and deep conversations with the students and faculty...)

Okay, so I admit it, I'm a bit of a philosophy enthusiast. My degree is in design epistomology. I love discussing ideas, and particularly ones surrounding design and intentionality. So tonight was just golden. The OCAD students and faculty were easily the most sceptical group I've yet had the pleasure of meeting. They asked all ...

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Excited about Tomorrow (Even if today was a bit of a wash...)

Spent the whole day on errands. Found a place to print out photos for my mother in law at $0.17 each (with 300 of them), picked up firewire cables for the video camera, dumped the wedding video to DVD so that she can take that with her too. Bit of a bug-fix for an infrequent ...

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Screenshots for Everyone! (Pictures are effective...)

I have a lot of screen shots in my presentations on the OLPC. I spent rather a long time (probably 2 or 3 hours) collecting and capturing them, and since that's all time paid for by the project, the results should be more easily available than having to download the presentations and pull out the ...

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Success in Innovation (Recipes for Success in Humanism)

We had a long discussion yesterday about the similarities between "social innovation" and "technical innovation" projects. There was broad general agreement that both of these are aspects of the same process, that is, that all social innovation is a form of a technical innovation, and the obverse.

I tried to make the point, though I'm ...

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Not quite the group I thought (Interdisciplinary group with focus on design...)

Group at the meeting today was more of a cross-disciplinary group convened to allow people to share ideas. Four talks with discussion after each, OLPC, MaRS Background, MaRS Social Innovation and a presentation from one of the MaRS incubator companies.

Seemed to generate quite a bit of interest. We have one storied physics' prof who ...

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