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Seem to have fallen behind in tracking PySNMP (Apparently there's a version 4 now...)

PySNMP (which is where I'm trying to track down the memory leak at the moment) appears to have a new version in development (in CVS). Really should have been paying attention to what changed before I hit "update" in the CVS module. Looks like some pretty serious refactoring.

Also appears to have a MIB parser ...

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Need to put together a PyCon presentation proposal (or three) ("Functional embarrassment to exploding decorators, the creation myth of descriptors")

Also would be nice to have PyOpenGL-as-ctypes as a presentation, but that requires getting enough time to actually finish (heck, start) the project.

Maybe should do something for BasicProperty, PyTable and wxOO, just a quicky "save yourself some work" thing. Maybe build a wxPython UI for Cinemon just to be perverse :) .

Hmm, ...

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My subconscious needs dream-writing lessons (Retro dream-style reasserts itself...)

Just had a dream in a style that I haven't had much since leaving architecture, very film-noire, lots of montage and suggestive imagery, with really hard-to-interpret symbols crawling over various surfaces.

The dream was a standard "get your house in order" type thing, set in a cottage, where my mother, father and myself were moving ...

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Anyone know a decent tool for finding memory leaks? (Even being able to reliably and automatically determine *if* there's a leak would be good...)

Pinning down memory leaks in large-ish systems with large numbers of libraries is a bit of a pain. I wind up using the silly Windows task manager (yes, I'm still using Windows, despite having fixed Linux (sort-of) a while ago). Sure, I don't do this very often, but would be nice to have tools when ...

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Memory leaks in TwistedSNMP (Tracking things down that shouldn't leak...)

Seems as though there's something leaking memory in TwistedSNMP (I've been tracking down Cinemon's leak). Doesn't appear to be particularly large, but with the number of queries Cinemon does, could be a contributor. Haven't yet figured out where the silly error is inside TwistedSNMP (more precisely, I've determined which test cases are leaking, I just ...

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Words formed from serendipitous (Natasha's obsession...)

Natasha caught wind of Alan's wife's "serendipitous" words challenge. She's apparently up to 250 words... running the word-finder script, however, says that there's something like 1845 words in total (though that includes abbreviations and proper nouns)... hopefully it's not distracting her from writing the novel.

Dinner w/ friends (Relaxed night off...)

[This will ramble, I'm just too wired from caffeine to sleep...]

Had dinner this evening with Shiva, Shademan, Rob and Elham. Pleasant dinner, though there were a few conversational threads where I had nothing whatsoever to contribute. The wedding video was playing much of the evening.

Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary up to that point. The thing ...

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Still a leak... (Though much slower now)

Cinemon still has a leak somewhere. It's pretty large still, about 6MB/hr. That should exhaust system memory in about two weeks and cause a reboot :( . Much better than 19 hours, but nothing like acceptable (no leak is acceptable). Grr.

Next most likely culprit would be PySNMP's message cache, I suppose. After that, possibly ...

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A new PyDispatcher release (Hopefully this fixes the memory leak in Cinemon..)

Found a memory leak in how Dispatcher deals with it's back-reference table. Basically it would allow you to replace a registratation of a receiver, but would not remove the replaced receiver's back-references. It also wasn't removing the back-reference when a signal was explicitly disconnected.

Both of those operations are fairly rare, but Cinemon does them ...

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Thinking as I try to find the Cinemon leak... (Considerations as the test-suite trundles)

I think it's time to move PyOpenGL off of SWIG and on to ctypes. Rene did some preliminary work on this... well... it's a while ago now. The basic C-style API isn't that hard, it's replicating the Pythonic API that causes the problems. It's likely worth the pain just to reduce build problems, the flexibility ...

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