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Shell Between

The design is elegant
Not seen day to day
Elongated form
Little extra mass
Throat gently curved
Well detailed
Nape smoothed into crown
Traces on the surface
Ripples in hard metal
Hiding the machinery
Or exposing it
Your mind knows
But doesn't tell your heart
She must be within
Turning an unexpected corner
Arching back ...

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Social nova bomb on time (Wasn't just a drop in, tour, and drop out thing...)

I'd thought the housewarming this afternoon, an 'open house', was just a drop in, chat for a few minutes, and then head out thing. It was, instead, a fully-fledged party, with 30 or 40 people, enormous amounts of food, etceteras. Lasted well into the evening (started around noon). Good times, most of the people there ...

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One of those lovely quotes (Brendan is always good for a few...)

Brendan, being a historian by trade and having a prodigious memory to boot, always has fun little tidbits, and this one has been kicking around in my head for a bit:
A grey idealogue fronting for a party of loons

which is actually a quote by a political leader in Canada describing what he doesn't ...

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Lara's back (Yay)

Picked up Lara at the airport yesterday... didn't do much else really, went to bed almost as soon as I got back from doing that (I've been working very late hours all week and wanted to get back to normal-ish). Today's going to be occupied primarily with the mundane details of grocery shopping, cleaning, and ...

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Dipping a toe into pb connection pooling (Brr, these pools get cold in the Canadian autumn...)

Okay, this is a hack written in the middle of the night, so expect there to be problems, but it does seem to basically work. What it is is a collection of three object types.

The first, the ConnectionStats, is a simple utility object that tracks statistics and the semaphor used to throttle the number ...

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PB connection pooling eludes me (Sigh)

It really seems there should be something in Twisted that does something along these lines, but I can't find anything quite right:

Create and monitor a pool of pb (twisted.spread) connections (this is to spread a CPU-intensive operation across many servers)

On disconnect or connect failure, do retries (forever), but with scaling frequency (i.e. if ...

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Around the Corner

Resignation lurks around the corner
Can't see it but you know it's there
Subtle scent of rotting hopes
Hanging in the stagnant air

Lucky you don't have to move
You can hang around all day
Something will happen soon
You'll find a truth to bray

You think you hear it chortle
Something stirs within you ...

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Screencasting via Gstreamer from Python (Playing with streaming media on Linux...)

Rather than charge back into doing work on Cinemon when it's late, I decided to focus instead on one of the side projects that's been sitting there in the project for a while, namely producing a screencast of basic usage for Cinemon. I'm considering one for the VoIP project as well.

What I want is ...

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Change is as good as a rest (As old men like me are want to say...)

Spent the entire day on importing CAD maps into Cinemon. I don't know whether it's just being back in a Twisted-based environment with full sessions, persistent state, a full ORM and the rest, but it seems like it was a far more pleasant 9 hours than 9 hours coding raw CGI with no templating system, ...

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Sometimes it's just easier to code something new (That's a bad thing...)

I finally got time today to work seriously on Cinemon again. Spent the time working on a remoted SNMP query server (i.e. something that can be put in a remote network to do the actual querying while the Cinemon server is outside the network). I initially tried using Twisted's jelly module (via pb), but couldn't ...

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