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Cousins you've never known (Family gatherings...)

Went to a family gathering this afternoon. The root of the tree gathering is three brothers, one of whom was my grandfather, all of whom are now dead. Probably 20 people, of whom we only knew 6 or 7, with none of those coming from our generation (though I use "our generation" loosely there, the ...

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I Remember

For years I never knew

Whether they were blue
And I was wrong
That they were grey

Or that they were grey
And I was wrong
That they were blue

But these last few nights
I lie awake and see them
Somewhere between those colours

And I remember you

A few shots from the party (Still working on the best settings for very-low-light operation)

Most of the shots I took at the party turned out fairly poorly, either they were washed out (flash) or very dim/blurry (no flash). Oh well, some day I'll get that all worked out and be able to take images in low-light situations without losing 90% of the pictures to blur.

I've spent the bulk ...

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Unwrapped Peeking

I shouldn't have peeked
But they weren't wrapped yet
I was giving them
I should be allowed to look
But now I want to keep them
In case they're not wanted
Will lie unread unloved
But I force myself to wrap them
Hope it means I chose them well

Safe Across the Table

I'll never know them
But they seemed nice
Across the chips and coins
Breezing through my life
Familiar in a few moments
Cracking jokes within an hour
We shared a single night of games
Played around a coffee table
Is likely all we'll ever share
Yet something calls me to them
And I mistrust its ...

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On Nothing Being Said

The look is strange
I feel ashamed
That my words are so dull
No great truths
Laid out before her feet

I want to appologise
Sit quietly
Find something to say
To win her or win her away

Longer Every Night

The muscles around it are tense
That's why it happens
You lie down on your back
On the bed or better the floor
Try to press the small down
Touch toes and arch back
Pull your torso round and out
Digging with your heels
Stretching and twisting
'Til your forhead's on the floor
Scrabbling forward ...

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