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Very long day with 0 billables (And way too much caffeine)

Management meeting, then a quick trip to the library, then a crash due to the unreasonably early hour I had to get up at for the meeting, then the UU meeting, then coffee/drinks after the meeting with Bryan and co. I'm now tense and jittery from the caffeine, but my eyes aren't able to focus ...

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Oh, while I'm thinking of it (IRC client for phones...)

Was thinking earlier that one of those "cool, but useless" projects might be to use StarPy and Festival to read live IRC feeds to a user. Twisted has all sorts of fun little protocols it can access, but IRC is just so magnificently geeky that it would obviously gather thousands of users in minutes.

Oh, ...

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StarPy grows rudimentary hierarchic IVR menus (UI toolkit for voice?)

Okay, there's a new release of StarPy up. This adds menu support with the commonly desirable operations (e.g. options to go up a level, repeating the prompt a limited number of times if the user doesn't respond, that kind of thing). The same API also provides a basic enter-digits handler, though I'll need to produce ...

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Peter Pan Fathers

Cerebral late bloomers
These Peter Pan fathers
Children without childhoods
Should come with warnings
Lest emotional women
Take them improperly
And hurt themselves

How did I forget that (Sunday night's not great for thinking, apparently...)

Didn't even touch the VoIP stuff (yet) today (though did have a short phone call or two about it). I had forgotten on Sunday that I was going to phone a distributor Monday morning. Basically spent the whole day on the phone call, research to answer some questions (yes, Cinemon should be 100% Euro-DOCSIS compatible ...

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Interesting, but not particularly productive (Playing with log-files...)

I've been somewhat frustrated with the webalizer output I've been using to review my site. It only shows the top 30 or so pages on the site, includes the search-engine's crawling in the data-set, and doesn't provide any sort of information about what things are linked together, what people are looking for, that kind of ...

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About time I thought about organising the poems (A few too many to just list them out...)

The poetry page has been growing quite a bit lately. There's now something like 170 poems up there, with just "romantic" versus "not romantic" to organise them. Not sure how to organise them, really... maybe poetry just shouldn't be organised... but then what are poetry editors doing for their daily bread? Maybe just add a ...

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Dry Athena's Dreams

I dreamed dry Athena's dreams last night
Full of artifice and dreadful mechany
How sad the goddess must be today

With such hollow dreams to fill her sleep
No heart beating no messy life
She would I'm sure rather dream of victory
Descending from the heavens
To annoint the worthy crowns

But those days of ...

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