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Dec. 25, 2006 - Dec. 31, 2006

Eric the Python IDE Rocks (Just struck by the need to say this...)

I've been working without Eric on the workstation for a while now (due to build problems under Python 2.5)... or more accurately, I've not been working on the workstation much, partly because I didn't have Eric there. (Since the workstation is by far the most ergonomic place I have available to code (with the chairs ...

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Subtle little bug in a library costs me a few hours (Sigh...)

I've been working on merging the last month and a half of mainline changes into the restructured tree. It went very well for the most part, there were some changes from last month that caused a conflict or two, but nothing major, or so it seemed.

However, at some point during the merging I started ...

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I want to do 3D graphics today (No chance though...)

I'm basically finished working through the implications of the restructuring for the part that can be finished this year. Have now been going through and cleaning up test cases and porting changes from the HEAD into the development branch. It's been 1.5 months since I forked the code to work on this. A lot of ...

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Maintaining scripts as their underpinings change (Not what I wanted to do today, but I have Eric back on the workstation now)

I use a script I wrote a while ago that produces Eric3 project files from checked-out SVN/CVS directories. It lets me use the command-line SVN/CVS operations (which I find more convenient than the Eric operations[1]) then regenerate the project file. The SVN operations were provided by the pysvn wrapper... and thats where the problem was. ...

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That goes reasonably well (Apparently giving up on sleep is the answer...)

I just gave up on sleeping last night and kept pounding on the code. My hands aren't happy with me, but there are only a very small number of bits still to convert (as far as I can see). While I've been working I've also had the computer compiling Eric/PyQt/SIP/QScintilla (yay, it works, secret is ...

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Oh, I'll just fix that little problem (He says for the hundredth time, knowing as he does it's a mistake...)

I seem to have fallen into a never-ending abyss of little fixes and an infinite regress of minor details. As I've been try to get back to stability I keep seeing little things that I know I should leave "broken", but "it'll only take 20 minutes"... which is turning this into a very long and ...

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Simple caching DNS client for Linux (DNS delay on Sympatico is driving me nuts)

As I'm working over at Soni's I'm using her Sympatico DSL connection. It works reasonably fast when you're actually transferring a file, but DNS resolution takes 5 or 10 seconds. When every test makes 3 or 4 lookups you wind up with a very slow test suite.

What I'd really love is a system-level caching ...

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Really need to get a "too far" alert (Too easy to fix just one figure flaw too many...)

Sometime on Saturday (or was that Sunday) I fixed a minor problem. Just refactoring away, found a bit of code that shouldn't be there, refactored it, moved onto the next thing that needed refactoring. I was working on the UI code at the time (which doesn't have a useful set of unit tests) and kept ...

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