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Time to replace the server/workstation (3.5 hours wasted this evening...)

Got the missing cable from Canada Computers today to get the SATA drive installed in the workstation. One of the ATA drives started giving DMA failures last week and this was to be the replacement drive. Problem is the silly thing doesn't work.

Well, more precisely, it doesn't seem to work with the motherboard in ...

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Okay, beginning to feel real (Businesses are so inconvenient sometimes...)

The reality of being just 2.5 days away from leaving (and thus having to have the month's work wrapped up) is beginning to sink in. Also just realised it's only 7 days, not 10 (February being rather short). I'm expecting I'll need to sit in the lobby late a couple of nights getting work done ...

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Apparently it's been a while since I used mythtv (Been down for at least 3 days...)

Being just about exhausted, I thought I'd take an hour or two to catch up on the science fiction shows I watch (Doctor Who, StarGate Atlantis, Battlestar Gallactica, and movies that come along). However, nothing could connect to the back-end server. nmap shows the ports for myth just plain not open. The logs just say ...

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Slipping quickly toward PyCon (Doesn't seem real yet...)

Weird to realise I'm leaving for PyCon on Thursday morning. So many things to get done before then, but somehow the idea that I'm leaving for 10 days just doesn't seem to be sparking the urgency it should. Oh well.

I'm beginning to think about what to do for the sprints. I'd love to have ...

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Though necessary, hardware is almost always problematic (At least, I only notice the hardware when there's a problem...)

Wednesday evening one of the (5) fans in the workstation/server at home died. No big deal, you say, the machine has 4 other fans...

I cracked open the case a few hours later to see which fan to replace and the internal cages for the drives were too hot to touch. One of the other ...

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New release of PyOpenGL is out (PyOpenGL-Demo too...)

Took the bulk of the day off today to get the next release of PyOpenGL out the door. I've re-enabled the numarray support, using the same underlying library as for the Numeric support (i.e. no binary modules). I've also stripped out the "Demo" directory and made a separate egg for that so that projects that ...

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Need to do a bit of porting (Where's the time...)

Realised today that SimpleParse doesn't build on Python 2.5. Something in the test for PY_HEX_VERSION is failing so it's trying to redefine functions that have been in Python since 2.3. Sigh. Also need to look at whether it's easily possible to get .egg files into an installer for Win32 users. I also want to get ...

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More time on distutils/setuptools than ctypes issues (Just a thought that struck me...)

There are two major changes in PyOpenGL 3.x (and OpenGLContext). The first is the big, obvious one, the switch to using ctypes. When it comes right down to it, other than tracking down a few AMD64 issues at the start, and a few problems between the chair and the keyboard, ctypes has "just worked" most ...

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A night (and morning) of relaxation (Age of Empires II retro strategy game death matches)

Genti (he spells it that way, regardless of what Soni says) came over last night and we played AoE II all evening (until 02:40) then got up early and played a few more games before we (Soni and I) headed over to visit with Gram's friend Margaret. Sad news during the visit, Jack (another of ...

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