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July 20, 2009 - July 26, 2009

You tend to forget the stuff under your abstractions...

Decided to get at least *some* PyOpenGL stuff done this weekend, so played around a little with the texture-atlas-based text rendering stuff.  I went with a spike test rather than trying to refactor the whole font engine in OpenGLContext at the first go.

I spent the longest time figuring out why the texture always came ...

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Selenium Setup bores me...

Selenium rocks.  Unfortunately, every time I sit down at a new client I wind up having to do boilerplate setup to get a nose-testable Selenium environment.  By nose-testable I mean something that automatically sets up and closes down the selenium server (and the client servers under test, though that's a separate issue).

To be useful ...

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Shader convenience module...

I'm always wary of adding non-standard functionality to PyOpenGL, but as I've been trying to write tutorials for how to use shaders I'm finding that it really is necessary to have a module that provides the appropriate "alternate" definitions and provides the basic compileShader/compileProgram functions (with error checking and log extraction).

So, to use a ...

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Win32 Trivia

Finally broke down and installed Visual Studio Express 2008 on my Vista partition of the work laptop.  It takes a GB on disk, bah.  Anyway, it worked as advertised, so whatever, I now have a Python 2.6+ compatible compiler and can use Mingw32 for Python 2.5, so no more need for the Toolkit stuff.

Interesting ...

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For the Brave: PyOpenGL 3.0.1a1

I've just managed to get PyOpenGL's first alpha for the 3.0.1 series out the door.  The biggest changes of note are:

  • Shader convenience module OpenGL.GL.shaders, provides shader entry points named as the core entry points with alternate implementations using ARB when necessary.  Includes Two utility functions compileShader( source, type_constant ) and compileProgram( *shaders ) which ...

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Bashing Tutorials Out

On the principle that it's better to just bash through and get *something* done than to spend forever trying to get enough time to do it right, I've started quickly converting the existing shader sample code into automatically generated tutorial web-pages.  I'm using a quick and dirty script to turn the '''-quoted strings in ...

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