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Oops, forgot the pre-coffee work (Most of the day disappears in my shoddy memory)

Implemented crude throttling (twice) for Cinemon during the first 7 hours of the day. The first time I implemented it based on the idea that I could take the difference in time between when I scheduled an event to occur and the time it actually occured within Twisted.

That worked... sort-of. The problem is that ...

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Pleasant coffee with Shane (and Lara) (I got to hold a 7 week old scottie puppy while his owner (cute girl) got her coffee...)

Shane suggested going out for coffee instead of him dropping in to my place, so I actually left the apartment! I need to get out far more often than I do. We spent a couple of hours hanging out in the Starbucks. Lara dropped in maybe half an hour before they closed too.

The little ...

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Drafting icons look like c^@9 when rendered in a full-colour environment... (I just work here...)

Spent the evening working on icons for Cinemon. Unfortunately, the standardised icons are rather... ahem... dull. They look like they were intended for use on black-and-white wiring diagrams, rather than full colour interactive maps. I really feel the desire to tweak them to return to the beauty of the all-circle diagrams of the past... but ...

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Catcher of last resort (First thing to be created?)

Thinking, from now on, I should always code a catcher-of-last-resort first when working on a project. That is, a script that stands outside the long-running application and pings it every X seconds to make sure it's alive, and if it isn't, forces a restart.

We need to upgrade the hardware for Cinemon, particularly the RAM ...

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A few OpenGLContext bug-fixes (And thus a day disappears...)

Well, actually, I slept a great deal too. Fixed two longstanding bugs in OpenGLContext, one in the handling of textured-transparent geometry and the other in handling commonly malformed geometry (degenerate faces in IndexedFaceSets).

Tomorrow (after visiting grams) I'm planning on spending the day on something more VexTech-ish... probably PySNMP, maybe PyTable.

For now I'm going ...

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Any little excuse to discuss philosophy (Garn I'm getting predictable in my old age...)

Just got off the phone with Natasha. She's working on a document (while sick, no less) describing aspects of consciousness in Victorian literature. Neat thing is, it mirrors the debate about whether one can know another's consciousness save through the reports of that individual about their consciousness (and the rebuttal that even when you look ...

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Tad frustrated with the (lack of) documentation (I mean, I can't even find a single instance of using "sequences" in Nevow!)

By now I'm somewhat accustomed to the... shall we say "meagre" documentation available for Twisted, but this instance is just weirdly under-documented. Normally there's at least one piece of sample code that uses a feature, but I can't find anything that uses the Nevow "sequence" feature. The idea is something like this:

About super-strings (Lindsey's question in a loud party...)

I was asked to explain my understanding of superstring theory (such as it is) on the weekend, particularly the aspect where there is a fundamental limit to the size of objects, that is, why there can be a string, but nothing below a string.

If I'm understanding correctly, what happens is that to get down ...

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About motivations and post-mortems... (Why the move from Zope)

A few weeks (maybe a month now) ago, Tim pointed out that for all intents and purposes he's unable to follow my code. As a result he's uncomfortable with the idea of working with it. I'm accustomed to programming fairly large systems (e.g. OpenGLContext, Tpresence's Holodesk, Tpresence's Portals, that kind of thing, systems with multiple ...

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Speaking of distractions... (Well, some would say it's the more important stuff)

Also discovered (thanks to Richard Muller, who's been doing a lot of work testing on Fedora Core) that the PyOpenGL release isn't propagating across the SourceForge mirrors for some reason. Hopefully just some glitch in SF. One mirror has picked them up, and they are available from the root site as well.

Also, there was ...

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