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Professional Development Day (Or, my day of reading...)

I hate getting distracted while I'm working. It's just something I know about myself. My mind is just too active to allow me to have lots of things going on around me. I'll jump from the task at hand to discussions of just about anything and spend hours not getting any work done.

So, since ...

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Guess I should try to recover the Gentoo environment (My personal todo list is so long and not very fun looking at this moment...)

Well, now that I've got that little task out of the way (PyOpenGL), I have the (depressing) task of figuring out why Gentoo has lost the tablet (without which the computer is rather difficult to use). And here I was just getting comfortable working in Windows again. Sigh.

Still, need to move back to Linux ...

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Finally got the baby (PyOpenGL) out the door (No empty-nest syndrome here...)

Just finishing up the release of PyOpenGL. Rather annoying number of little details cropped up during the process of doing the release (missing files, bdist_wininst API not actually matching the API I'd suggested, (so requiring rewriting the function (after all the testing was done, of course, so blah if it breaks something)), files ...

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UI Tweaks all day (Mostly making the topological graphics easier to use)

Crossed off three todo items, though looking back at them, they probably weren't the most important ones, they were just the ones that were annoying the heck out of me. All of them relate to the topological overview graphs.

Until today, you could only identify the root of these graphs by knowing what elements are ...

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Stupid shallow bugs (Almost makes you want a statically-compiled language (well, not really))

Bryan found a bug in Cinemon this evening. It didn't pick up a modem migration event (modems changing channels). Turns out this was a trivial error; I'd mis-spelled a function name in a callback that only gets called 20 minutes into a run (and thus I was never around when it got called). The result ...

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Sometimes a day evaporates with nothing to show for it (Oh, and Cinemon seems to be leaking *faster* now)

Spent much of the day staring at PySNMP code looking for something (anything!) that would make it faster without necessitating a bulk rewrite in C. Then gave in and started looking at what would be necessary to use net-snmp as an encoder/decoder for TwistedSNMP.

A few hours of tracking down and copying the various structures ...

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PyOpenGL is just about ready for a release (Two or three bugs fixed, as well as a setup fix for Linux machines)

As I promised various users, spent much of the free time on the weekend on PyOpenGL, basically just working through the list of outstanding bugs. Nothing spectacular or new, just making things work the way they should.

Anyway, it's ready for a new release, but I don't want to be doing the release this late ...

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New release of PyDispatcher available (Fixes 2 memory leaks)

While testing some memory-leak bug-fixes for PyOpenGL I discovered a memory leak in OpenGLContext. With a lot of tracking I found out that the leak was from Dispatcher.

Now, you may not care about that (I'm speaking to Bryan and Tim here), but Dispatcher is also used in Cinemon (which you will recall is currently ...

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Hypothesis as I lie here wondering (About losing a beautiful woman's name so easily...)

The hypothesis goes like this:
The two forms of memory, "lossless" and "lossy" have complementary function. Lossless memory tends to produce individuals who are more concrete (because they can recall random data associated with individual objects/situations), less creative and less abstract, while lossy memory tends to produce those who are better at synthesis, creativity and ...

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