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A day of iconic splendour (Mmm graphics!)

Today was spent mostly cleaning up and extending the set of icons available in Cinemon 2.0. Nothing hugely challenging there; create a mechanism to allow for easily registering icon correspondence and another for defining an icon, then plough through and either assign or create-and-assign and icon for each major group-type in the system.

The impact ...

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That day was way too long ("Finish the (major) feature" isn't a good plan for a day...)

For some reason (likely lack of sleep and exercise) I'm extremely tense today. My shoulders and upper arms are just masses of knots, which messes up my hands as I type. Did a huge amount of work on 2.0 today, as well as a bunch of administrative stuff for the 1.0 launch (18 days and ...

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Sleep eludes me (Probably just need more exercise)

Haven't really slept well all weekend. Today was just a write-off, didn't sleep well last night and couldn't stay up for more than an hour at a time all day. Still kinda knackered. Only work I did all day was confirming that the wrapper code for the ctypes rewrite of OpenGL can handle the common ...

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People who are too good (I feel like such a disappointment sometimes...)

Was chatting this evening with a friend. She's one of those people who are pretty close to perfect; sweet, gentle, intelligent, funny, curious, and actively improving herself all the time. Felt quite trollish in comparison. What am I doing to pursue my dreams? What have I learned in the last few years? Am I a ...

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Parties take a lot of prep-time (Especially when you've been letting the housework get behind...)

Having a birthday party for Shane this evening. Result is that I'm not going to get any more work done on the OpenGL ctypes wrapper. Last night I fixed a few problems with the pointer-setting mechanism, and began breaking out the platform-specific code into separate modules. Spent quite a bit of time trying to figure ...

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Bug turns out to be a logic problem with parallel operation (It only waits until an op is finished, if it finishes instantly it never waits)

Finally tracked down the hanging Twisted code. It was a big operation that happens every 20 minutes. The first time through every operation has to wait for a network connection or 2, so there's always a deferred. Subsequent times none of the (3000+) operations has to wait, but they are very heavy in terms of ...

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Neat debugging trick from James Knight (Finding out what's hanging in your Twisted application...)

In response to my queries about how to catch a hanging application, James posted this wonderful little snippet of code:
import signal, pdb, sys
from twisted.internet import task

def timeout(*args):
sys.stderr.write("SIGALRM timeout, breaking into debugger.\n")
import pdb; pdb.set_trace()

signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, timeout)

task.LoopingCall(signal.alarm, 10).start(1)

The reason that works is that the alarm call cancels all previous alarm ...

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Urgh, I didn't even notice the trackback spam! (120+ spams likely sitting there for days helping the blaggards...)

Okay, so I've turned on trackback moderation to keep that from happening again. Still means I'll have to click "delete" hundreds of times, but at least they won't get anything out of it. I get so few legitimate trackbacks it's not a huge loss to have them have a delay before publishing.

Incidentally; die, spammers, ...

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Maybe it's time to add a Bayesian classifier for comments (More spam... evil spam...)

Spambayes is just sitting there, beckoning me. The idea is that you would configure a Hammie instance as a Zope object pointing to an on-disk database (to avoid balooning the ZODB). You would train on all comments in your blog (assuming you have only good comments), then train on any spam that comes in.

The ...

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We all hate dream journals (Yet still I post...)

I know my dreams generally bore others; so won't describe them. Just note that last night was full of dreams of cleaning and clearing out, of moving forward and fixing broken things that are impeding progress.

There was also some point where I was composing poetry... not sure if I was awake or asleep at ...

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