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These productive days are killing me (It's not the productivity, it's the length)

So, for the second day, I work 9+ straight hours w/out a break other than to grab more coffee and cookies. Sitting here at the end of that, with my hands chutneyed, and my eyes blurring from fatigue I suddenly think "why?"

It's nice that the test suite is running again. It's nice that the ...

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Very productive day (Major feature finished for 2.0)

Spent the bulk of the day on two projects. The first was eliminating stalls in the scanning process where the scanner is processing huge numbers of modems. Previously I was using a batching mechanism (actually, multiple batching mechanisms) that was (were) rather fragile and required lots of testing for each mechanism.

Started off looking for ...

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PyCon audio is up (Not as bad as I'd feared, not as good as I'd been told...)

The audio recording for my PyCon 2005 talk is available now. The pre-slides-coming-back stuff wasn't as bad as I'd feared, in fact, I prefer it to the stuff after the slides appearing, especially as there's a lot of dead air where I'm wrestling with the computer rather than talking to the audience.

There's nothing recorded ...

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Mmm ctypes goodness and chocolate (Shane gave me dark-chocolate raspberries!)

So, after everyone left I went back to work on the ctypes version of PyOpenGL. Finished the pointer-setting functions, mostly just a matter of generalising the code so that it creates all of the various permutations for the Pythonic wrappers.

Then I started in on making the API look like the original, so importing everything ...

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Ah, conversations (The point of life...)

Had a lunch meeting with a potential partner/client/employee this afternoon. We had Vietnamese at a little hole-in-the-wall up around Keele and Wilson. I would probably never have chosen anything with "soft tendon" in the title, had he not recommended it. It was a surprisingly good, large, bowl of extremely hearty soup.

Took a bit of ...

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Rework all of the tests? (Or try to make it work...)

So, it turns out that Twisted has some serious problems related to starting and stopping the reactor multiple times during a run, which is, of course, what we do all the time when doing test-driven development in the "normal" (twisted.trial-like) style.

Have just spent more than 2 hours trying to build something that would let ...

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Was that really only 5 functions? (Hope the rest of it is not this slow...)

Began work on creating wrappers for ctypes that work approximately the same as the ones planned for the 3.0 release (though written in Python, rather than C). Basically each function that needs array processing gets a number of annotations with callable objects. Those callable objects will eventually be written in C (for the performance critical ...

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To experiment, to read, or to write? (I'd rather be having coffee with friends...)

What I'd like to do this evening is sit around chatting with Natasha, Shane, Alexei, Shademan, Lara, Simon, Eric, Dan, Diana, Kim, Nadia, Lisa, Christine, Dave, Mark, Brendan, or any of a dozen other people with whom I don't get enough chance to talk. But they're all either busy people who will already have plans ...

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Hmm, first comment spam invades (Guess I'll have to put something in to stop that...)

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just issue network-death-penalties for comment spammers? Of course, then the spammers would start using it as a DOS technique, or even an extortion technique. Blah.

[Later] Doesn't look as though CoreBlog has anything to use for eliminating the spam other than turning on comment-moderation. Really don't like doing ...

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Long day's hacking (Forgot how fast the time goes when listening to lectures as I work...)

I've only recently fixed the sound on my machine so that I can reliably play sound files without requiring a reboot before I start MythTV. So far I've been listening to music, but today I decided to pick up with one of the lecture series to which I'd stopped listening just a few chapters in. ...

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