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A bit under the weather (And way behind on billables for the week...)

Realised around noon that I was burning up with a fever. It's gone down now (sleep is good, yogurt smoothies are better), but what with only getting 2.7 hours yesterday I'm falling way behind on billable hours this week. There are also a few tasks that just need to get finished, so I'm going to ...

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You pay for quick-and-dirty hacks (In maintenance headaches...)

One of the reasons I want to create a properly-engineered second-generation billing system is that the first-generation system I work with has a number of hacks that get around things that weren't contemplated in the initial design of various pieces.

Each of those hacks was implemented using the simplest possible design when they were discovered, ...

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UI stuff just feels more interesting (Simple little navigation widgets for a hierarchic schema...)

Finished off the day's work by working on some simple navigation widgets for the billing system. The entire system is built using directed acyclic graphs (of various types). Because of that you can readily construct generic views that let you see the parents and children of any node in the system. I'm still looking for ...

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