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Ooh, that wasn't a good use of time (Distracted by the desire to listen to Brave New Waves...)

I used to love listening to Brave New Waves on CBC 2 when I was writing my thesis. Tonight I tried Amarok for the first time, and as I was going through the stations I noticed that there was no CBC 2 stream.

Checking the CBC, their CBC 2 OGG stream still isn't working (it ...

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Need a decent unit-testing framework for OpenGL (Unit tests are good things...)

I've just moved the (rather small set of) tests in OpenGL-ctypes into a unittest test case. Discovered in doing that that the nurbs and evaluator code is working on the laptop (just doesn't show up in the real-world tests, suggesting that there's a problem in the setup there). Reinforces the idea that it's the amd64 ...

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Magic of unit tests (Pinning down evaluator failure)

Sat down to write a test for the evaluator code. I'd gotten it to the point where it didn't crash the program a while ago, but it was not showing up in the tests/demos. Whittled down one of the tests into a simple unittest, getting rid of textures, lighting, etceteras, but couldn't come up with ...

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Okay, I'm really excited about PyCon now (List of accepted talks...)

Just read through the list of accepted talks, beginning to think that I may wind up with a lot of conflicts. Normally I don't go to the talks at a conference (I hang out chatting in the halls), but there's quite a few I need to go to this time [2, 32, (51), 55, ...

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Pulling the restructured code together (Refactoring core assumptions...)

Focusing on real work these days. Spent most of yesterday on the restructuring of the VoIP billing system. Got all save two of the test cases for discounts working, they both exercise the same missing feature (date-matching).

I've been procrastinating all morning in the hope that it will just go away :) . Guess I ...

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What am I missing? (Things to look into on Saturday)

I'm still seeing failures in OpenGL-ctypes in the nurbs and evaluator calls. I've traced through them, compared them to C versions of the code and have basically run out of reasons for it to fail. What I'm left with is the possibility that I've started tickling a ctypes-on-amd64 error or that I'm doing something monumentally ...

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Finally get workstation up to date (DLL hell resolved)

My workstation has been stuck in a quasi-working state for a long time now (a month?). Basically I updated to Python 2.5, then tried to update to Eric4 since Eric3's dependencies wouldn't build on Python 2.5. The Eric4 thing never worked, so I removed it. A little later when KDE 3.5.5 was marked stable on ...

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Got OpenGLContext 3D text rendering working with numpy (Finally sit down to fix my FontTools fixes...)

I did some patches months and months ago to make FontTools use numpy to extract font data (outlines and metrics) from TTF font files. However, I messed something up in the patch. The system would render characters, but they seemed to be random characters and they were way too widely spaced.

Yesterday when I sat ...

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Apparently ctypes is more interesting than OpenGL (Anti-cool-graphics movement makes its presence felt ;) )

My proposal for a talk at PyCon got accepted, but almost every comment was of the form "Oh, I guess so, but we'd rather just hear about ctypes". So I suppose I'll re-think the talk to just be about ctypes and ignore the whole OpenGL thing. My proposal was more along the lines of "when ...

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