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Shared storage mechanism (Temporary GBs of ganged storage)

As I was walking home I was considering the question of large-media "special events", such as wanting to watch a multi-GB movie off the network at school. If the class wants to record an event (school play) at high enough resolution to do a good job of editing where would the children store the gigabytes ...

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Persistent storage in chroot-protected systems (Issue that needs to be dealt with...)

One of the issues still pending in the overlay filesystem approach is how to handle persistent information for a given application in a general way. Some examples of persistent information use-cases:

Most document-editing applications include a "most recently used" list of the documents edited within them that can be selected and edited with a single ...

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I want an auto-journalling overlay file-system (With a searching, sorting, querying journal interface...)

I think I'm to the point of wanting the overlay security mechanism and journal I've been describing on my own machine. That is, if we can implement everything it would allow me to work on my own machine (and I have rather demanding requirements from a computer) while still providing extensive protections and a number ...

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We wait 175x slower, apparently (Benchmarks are fun ways to waste time...)

User asked me to look at the POGL/PyOpenGL benchmark thing again. So I added a few cProfile calls to the silly thing so I could actually see what's going on (why not just use profiling to start with? Why create opaque graphs of pointless data when you can have a full breakdown of where the ...

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Slow weekend for work (Life getting in the way...)

We spent Friday evening helping set up the video blogger's thing at Linux Caffe. Weren't able to hang around while they were actually shooting though, so we headed off to a wonderful Ethiopian restaurant (Nazareth) a few blocks from the Caffe. The menu is quite short, but the food is wonderful and reasonably ...

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