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64-bit Ubuntu Web Devs, don't let Firebug update to 1.5

There's a bug that makes Firebug crash Firefox 3.5.x on 64-bit Ubuntu.  There's a fix to be released from Mozilla, but for right now Firebug 1.5 is *not* a good idea... of course, you're likely reading this in Firefox, so likely too late.  You can revert to Firebug 1.4.x by going here.  Details on ...

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Things I'd like to play with (given enough time)

I'm finding myself spending too much time (again) on this little "chat track" project... which leads me to think about other things I could be playing with:

  • 3D renderers and/or game engines
  • Haskel
  • Mobile games
  • WebGL
  • XMPP (and/or Wave)
  • PyPy
  • Educational tools

I *still* haven't finished the remaining core piece of the project, but I ...

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Python's Too Easy

As I work on my little Tornado project I occasionally run into things that are packaged for other frameworks, CouchDB, Recaptcha, that kind of thing.  They're the kind of thing that you can write a basic client for in a few hours (less for Recaptcha, of course), but then you realize there's corner cases, little ...

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IE6 Can Bite My Shiny

Figured I should test on IE7 and 8, and as usual when I go to test on IE, I found myself thinking "really?" about the bugs that showed up... missing "push" and "forEach" on arrays?  Crashing because of a check for whether an attribute is defined?  Requiring a different event-binding to capture <return>?  Sigh.  Whatever. ...

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Simple Channels for Tornado (rev 0.0.1)

I pushed some of the refactored code from my little test project out today.  Can't say I'm in love with the code, nor with how it was written (I'm afraid I hacked it from spike test right up to final implementation).  Anyway, the result is a poll/long-poll/streaming channel-server for Tornado + JQuery.  You use it ...

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Are we having fun yet?

Okay, there's fun, and then there's fun.  I think I've passed the point of diminishing entertainment playing with the little tool/site for my PyCon talk... somewhere in there I implemented a publish-subscribe system that looks a lot like a simpler version of Bayeux (with fewer transports, mind you, just poll and long-poll).  While learning Tornado ...

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More CouchDB Fun...

Continuing to work on my little project.  Mostly messing about with UI and getting CouchDB to do what I want it to do.  The query mechanism is a little weird when you're used to SQL(Alchemy) and complex referential schemas.  For instance, say you want to be able to total votes across M objects with N ...

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