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Firefox and Thunderbird switch... (Switched to fix broken spell-check, now it works in Mozilla but not Thunderbird)

While rebuilding Rosey's machine, I decided to see if I couldn't get Firefox and Thunderbird working on my machine. Problem I've been having is that there's nothing in the UI for the mail client (Thunderbird) for importing Mozilla 1.7 settings and messages (though there's lots for importing from other mail clients).

Anyway, it does appear ...

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Things to learn... (Functional programming language)

One of the entries on my "things to learn" list is a functional language, that is, a language in which there are no side-effects and everything is basically a data-flow. Just stumbled across the Haskell home-page.

Side note; unlike the Python page, which immediately offers implementation downloads, you need to go to the "learning" page ...

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PyOpenGL released (Just a minor bug-fix release...)

Released the package last night. You can get it from the PyOpenGL web site. Unfortunately, my sister's computer managed to corrupt it's system folder last night (was making a terrible racket as it tried to do the anti-virus scan), so I'm not going to get a chance to do any v2.1 work this weekend. ...

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Microsoft Free Compiler Working (Testing builds are operating quite happily)

Since I've been enjoying rather uniform success with it, I've put together a page describing how to use the Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit Compiler to build Python 2.4 extensions. I just compiled PyOpenGL and used it to run a few OpenGLContext demos w/out problem. Now off to PyOpenGL/OpenGLContext hacking.

Mole perfection achieved (Well, competence, anyway...)

Today's batch of mole (chocolate "stew") was considerably better than the attempt at the party. The chilies really do make the flavour pop out (the fruit tends to burst and cool down the heat of the chilies).

Spent the day on bug-fixes and trying to make the importer more robust. Did some optimisations, but not ...

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I have to admit there's something magical (Gentoo Linux == feeling like a kid at Christmas (sometimes))

So, last night, before going to bed, I made a wish to emerge. "Emerge," I said, "I would really like to try out the xorg-X11 package". And emerge replied with a stream of gobbledygook that means "okay, I'm working on it". Now, some 9 hours later, emerge tells me "it's done! look what I have ...

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Rogers karks up email (Day wasted in the main)

Rogers decided to replace their entire email infrastructure by outsourcing to Yahoo. In essence, each Rogers customer gets a "premium" Yahoo account (which they have to sign up for explicitly). Problem is, so far the Yahoo servers have given anything but premium service (not to mention the need to agree to let Yahoo and Rogers ...

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Long day's slog... (Dragged back into the lion's den)

Today I had to work on Cinemon again (Bryan and Tim dropped in to work on it). We are finally getting customer interest in building a hierarchy (major part of the functionality). Spent hours trying to use the web interface and eventually had to give up because it's way too slow on the machine. Wrote ...

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Sometimes the silliest little things are the most frustrating (Enough to send one screaming back to urllib...)

So, today was spent on (computer) house-cleaning and then looking at tools for the semi-automation of web-site reviews. It would seem to me that code something like this:
from twisted.web import client

df = client.getPage(

(though, obviously wrapped up in all the trappings of a Twisted app so that it gets called ...

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(Partial) success with the free compiler (mxTextTools-nr and SimpleParse running...)

Was able to get mxTextTools (with the non-recursive rewrite, for that matter) to compile with the MS Toolkit compiler. Haven't been able to get Numpy to compile because of a missing symbol (which appears to be ftol (as in float-to-long)), but darned if I can find anything which actually makes reference to the function anywhere ...

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