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Spider Man II (This afternoon (or tomorrow, depending on whether today is tomorrow or today))

Going to go see Spider Man II Monday afternoon. I've been saying for a few months that despite my general aversion to seeing sequels (I refuse to see Shrek II, for instance, despite counting Shrek as one of my favourite movies of all time), that I think I can trust the Spider Man people not ...

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Malcom X quote in the middle of a song (Plymouth Rock)

I've been listening to some Jazz music as I work here, and one of Ella Fitzgerald's songs had a little riff on "Plymouth Rock landed on them". It stopped me working because the riff seemed so cheerful I couldn't reconcile it with the Malcom X version (which is very full of angst and outrage). Still, ...

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Just something that keeps coming up (Advice to women)

This behavioural pattern has come up a couple of times in conversation, and I'm pretty sure I'm right, so I guess I'll put it here so I can stop pointing it out in conversations.

Scenario: a man with whom you are involved tells you that he finds another woman attractive.

The response most women seem ...

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Hiking cancelled (Sleep and work instead...)

The hike was called off early this morning, so I decided to take a 6-hour nap and then do some work. Not really in the working groove just yet (been up for 1-1/2 hours), but the day is still very young. Day outside looks absolutely gorgeous, but as I don't have anything to do which ...

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Oh, a note on Bruce Trail Club etiquette (The activities page doesn't really make this clear)

Apparently the only time you should be calling a bus-hike group organiser is if there's a problem/question, or if the outing is marked as a pre-registration type in the book. They apparently have more than enough people to fill a bus for all of the bus trips, so they really don't want to hear from ...

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One of those things about which I should probably be excited (Tuple spaces... why?)

Okay, what am I missing about tuple spaces? It seems to be a fairly basic data-sharing protocol which requires a server process somewhere. I mean, that's nice, but what are the advantages of this particular system over an RPC or formal message-passing/routing system.

If you're going to do all your networking using a (relatively ...

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Life of Mikey (Trivialities and planning...)

So, I'm up fairly early (despite not being able to sleep at all last night) with the intention of; getting in 3/4 of a day's work before 6pm, going to Aaron's show this evening (I'm actually RSVP'd for a Barbeque @ the neighbours, but Aaron's showing is a one-time thing IIUC), hitting the hay ASAP ...

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The Conversion of Shane (Red Alert II enthusiasts are born...)

Yesterday marked Shane's introduction to the Real Time Strategy (RTS) game genre. Mark, Dave and I have been playing Red Alert II for quite some time, and Praveen and Vivek had previous RTS experience (I think), but Shane has been a First Person Shooter (FPS), particularly a Quake III, devoté and has previously rejected our ...

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