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Academics shouldn't blog? (Though I try to avoid blogosphere auto-wanking...)

I know, I know, who reads this blog for meta-comments about blogging? No one, yet I can't help it...

There's an article on Ars which includes this little quote:
Ultimately, I think the answer to this dilemma is pretty clear: graduate students simply should not blog, and if they do blog they should never do ...

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More finishing and polishing (LivePages get a little closer to real-world usability...)

Day was filled with reversion of some changes on Friday, and then moving forward to get the LivePages looking and working more like the Zope TAL Template wrappers. Quite a bit of housekeeping in there as well. Toward the end of the day I modified the trigger LivePage so that as you enter trigger values ...

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Muscles Sliding Under Skin

It's really just muscles sliding under skin
Maybe a well-placed bit of fat
Lush roundness to smooth the curves

Yet it pulls the eye off course
Perfect geometry as line folds into shadow
Folds again into still-hidden geometries

You want to sketch, to freeze that moment
Capture the mind in the transition forever
But then ...

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Days of curry and defeat (And slumber)

Had a rather pleasant evening hanging around and chatting with Lara on Saturday. However, went rather late, so I was not in particularly good form come Sunday afternoon for the game with grams. She managed to edge me out and win the tournament 3 games to 2. She snookered me twice on the black! Evil ...

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Yay! Lara's coming over! (Thai curry shall not go to waste)

I tried making a Thai curry for the first time today. It's not spot-on (used Indian curry spices (so it's Yellow Curry), regular ginger, that kind of thing), but it is very tasty. The coconut milk is so rich that it becomes a very forgiving dish (much like Indian curry, come to that).

I decided ...

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I need to do *something* tonight (Too pitiful to sit here working all weekend)

Spent hours last night borking up all my lovely work on Cinemon with an attempt to go way too far way too fast. I should try to back out all the extra stuff this afternoon.

Problem is, I'm in the mood to talk. <Elided> is off visiting her dad. I've invited some people over, but ...

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Key words for computer recycling... (Toronto Environment Day)

I've had some old computer parts (particularly a UPS) sitting in my room waiting to be recycled for ages, but I never got around to figuring out just where I need to take them. So this morning I decided to figure it out (though why I waited until I don't have access to a car ...

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What a wonderous thing is integration (Making the enhanced Zope Templates accessible to the Nevow LivePages...)

Today was largely a "completion" day. I finished the trigger-editing LivePage spike test as a spike test and converted it into a real page in the system. That worked nicely, it was just a matter of changing a few lines to make the right triggers show up when editing instead of always being a temporary/testing ...

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Adding handlers to Nevow template tags (How do you keep the code separate from the presentation)

After a bit of annoyance with nevow:attr, I did figure out how one works with it, but in doing so, I found what seems to me to be a far more reasonable approach. Rather than having an extra nevow:attr tag, with a slot inside it that you fill from your render method, you can simply ...

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Bit'a Open Source house cleaning (Working through the backlog of todo items...)

I have literally hundreds of todo items piling up in the various Open Source projects I run, so I figure I may as well plow through a few tonight. For instance, I fixed a small bug in PySNMP-se (that is, the speed-enhanced version of PySNMP 3.x) and re-released it. Spent quite a bit of time ...

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