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A lesson from years of PyOpenGL (Not quite Zen, but oh well...)

I took over managing the PyOpenGL project a very long time ago. Over that period it's had a complete rewrite (two if you count OpenGL-ctypes) and has dramatically grown in complexity. However, for the most part it has "just worked"... once you got it installed.

Over the years, however, we've been dogged by extensive problems ...

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Reversal on Ubuntu (I know they don't build from source very often, but really...)

I sat down briefly at Soni's last night to try to test OpenGL-ctypes, and OpenGLContext. After a bit of wrestling to get a non-admin setuptools install I realised that Soni didn't have ctypes installed. Okay, so download and build ctypes... except that the libffi failed to build (compilation errors).

I was too sick/out-of-it to think ...

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A weekend of little tasks (Bits and pieces but no great accomplishments)

I took a 4 day weekend intending to spend the entire time on OpenGL-ctypes and related projects, trying to get the whole enchilada moved to an alpha release. Somehow out of the entire weekend I only seemed to get about 1 day of hacking in.

During that short period I ported SimpleParse and TTFQuery to ...

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VRML97 converted to use numpy or Numeric (and setuptools...)

I've converted the VRML97 scenegraph accellerator modules to use numpy (preferred) or Numeric. I also discovered a subtle import error, I had used from ctypes import * in one of the modules and as a result it was shadowing a Numeric/numpy function (resize). I'll have to go through and eliminate all from ctypes import * ...

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On puppy love and training (First session with the trainer)

We had our first session with the puppy trainer this evening. Biggest revelation for me is that you can demand far more from the puppy than I'd expected. I'd somehow understood that you had to wait until they are 4 or 5 months before you start demanding close-leash walking and the like. She demonstrated that ...

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Don't get anywhere particularly useful on Win32 (Do get past the particular failure)

The proximate failure on Win32 appears to be a problem with how distutils handles "spawning" processes. If I replace the spawning code with os.system calls then SimpleParse builds correctly from distutils.

However, there's no Numeric for Python 2.5 against which to build, and I eventually just got tired of trying to figure out what I ...

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Piling stones one atop another
Is not my gift
Nor training dull machines
To count
What I offer is my sight
Peering within
Showing patterns hidden in problems
As paths
Of stones piled one atop another

Croikeys it's warm here (35+ degrees in my room)

The heat got turned on in the building a few days ago. This is one of those old buildings that doesn't have individual apartment control of the (steam) heat so they have to turn the temperature up so that the coldest apartment in the building has a reasonable temperature. Unfortunately that means that many of ...

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Daily Drudgery

I want to be with you
Because when you are gone
Bitter tears will streak my face
And I will curse not being there
Yet somehow this cold world
Does not allow excuses
As trivial as life and death
To interfere with daily drudgery

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