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I would have thought this was "normal care" (Hiring and paying someone to do the book-keeping is not enough)

Apparently (so I am told), hiring someone to do the book-keeping for a company is not sufficient care in making sure the books are kept properly. Just seeing that witholdings are showing up on pay slips and assuming they are being remitted is not enough. Instead, the director is expected to track down and be ...

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A tip for owners of small businesses (If your bookkeeper is unwilling to show you the books, change bookkeepers...)

Learning a rather hard lesson these days. Just because you're paying someone to do a job and they claim to be doing it doesn't mean they really are doing it. When the person is supposed to be doing tax-related work, having them not get their job done can do more than just scuttle the company. ...

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Dad has a blog (Green Party discussions)

Dad came into town today to help Pearl with some paperwork. We got to have dinner with him. Gods it's good to talk with him, sometimes I forget just how important his thoughts are. He's now sharing them on his blog.

Mostly we discussed the predicted ocean acidification effects. This is basically a ...

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Not much OpenGL hacking this weekend (But I got some general maintenance done and played a couple of games)

I spent much of the weekend trying to decompress from the week and finish recovering from the cold. I got a tiny bit of OpenGL work done, basically getting OpenGL extensions fixed for Win32. No big deal, after all, who uses Windows these days. Still, nice to have it fixed.

Also got the accounting for ...

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Falling behind can make you fall behind (When projects slip past hard deadlines...)

I've been undertaking a rather enormous restructuring of the VoIP billing system for a past few weeks. It's pretty close to finished, but it's not yet ready for prime time. Problem is, today is the first of the month, so the invoices must go out.

So, I've spent the last few days (when I wasn't ...

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I sort-of forgot that Asterisk programming could be fun (StarPy reminders...)

Have a (short) contract starting tomorrow to do some StarPy programming. Figured I'd get back in the swing of things by implementing a quick-and-dirty Call-to-Call application.

Basically this is a little AGI + AMI application that you have running on an Asterisk box that registers for a phone number. When a call comes in, the ...

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GLE DLL is a PITA (Seems to be working now...)

Have spent the whole afternoon on getting a GLE dll to build for use with PyOpenGL 3.x on Win32 systems. GLE by default on Win32 builds as a static (rather than dynamic) library. Finally seem to have something working, although it seems wrong that this one DLL is a "CDLL" where all the other DLLs ...

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Need to build a dependencies pack (Grr windows and their stupid lack-of-a-standard-C-compiler...)

Will need to put together an installer that can install GLUT, GLE and Togl DLLs for the Win32 people. Yes, it's annoying, but hopefully we can just do it once and basically be done with it (for a few years, anyway). Of course, then want to figure out how to make it auto-download and install ...

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PyOpenGL-3.0.0a5 hits the shelves (Finally get the release out)

Wound up spending almost the whole afternoon on PyOpenGL (and I only got up around noon-ish). Mostly just tiny little issues here and there. Upshot, however, is that the alpha package is released now. You should be able to install it with:
easy_install PyOpenGL

with a sufficiently new version of setuptools installed. You'll want to ...

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Didn't get it out tonight either (Stupid oh-I-should-just-do-that-first-ing)

Very good PyGTA this evening, if somewhat small and late-starting. 6 of us, David started us off with a demo of todotxt which is a command-line (that's really command line, not a separate shell) todo-list organiser. Not exactly my cup-of-tea (I'm graphical by nature), but it seemed interesting. Then on to discussions and comparisons of ...

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