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Oh, SELinux, you complete(ly annoy) me

The DHCP hiccup I've been debugging all week turns out to have bee nothing other than an SELinux restriction preventing the config-file from being read.  Most annoying part is that I already discovered that restriction weeks ago and thought I'd resolved it.  Now to dive in and figure out how to make this work properly, ...

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Ouch, overheating machine via Strigi

Nepomuk/Strigi felt like indexing my desktop to be all semantic-y.  Great... but wow, ~20% CPU for ~12hrs and constant disk thrashing... temperature spiked up pretty bad before I noticed it (not damaging bad, but if there'd been another load on there (i.e. graphics) I'm guessing it would have fried the machine), memory completely exhausted too ...

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Bug Report Fatigue before I get a single report in...

I upgraded my laptop to Kubuntu Lucid to help test the release.  I've now got debug and crash messages popping up in Eric, Plasma crashing when I remove widgets, mkfontscale crashing if I have my .fonts directory available, multi-second pauses on alt-tab (that one's a killer when you work, as I do, by constantly switching ...

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Setting up a DHCP test environment in QEMU

My current project must run against a DHCP server which has to have a fairly exotic configuration (not really one I'd want running on my home network), and I want to be able to blow away and re-create the client constantly as I test installation procedures and the like.  So, since we're on Fedora 10 ...

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Fedora 10 without the Cruft

Wound up stuck at the Caffe for almost 3 hours as my supposedly minimal Fedora 10 install churned on my non-suspend-capable laptop.  Turns out that you have to deselect *every* checkbox in the Fedora 10 installer to get a minimal install, even things like system tools, text-editors and the like.  The google key word to ...

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Remote networking is a PITA

Setting up networking on a remote machine is a bit of a pain.  If you happen to make the smallest of slips your ssh session gets black-holed and you're up it.  You can try using a `shutdown +10 -r` command in another session to reboot-on-failure, but there's always the chance that you forget to set ...

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mDNS service to share apt caches?

Working on the Research in Action follow-up I had a thought.

Is there a package I can install on a (Debian-based) machine which would automatically advertise to all machines on the network (via mDNS or the like) that I have (signed) repository sources and .debs available?

The idea being that an "Internet Bus" would update ...

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Karmic Upgrade == working suspend (maybe)

The main work laptop has been suspend-less since it was updated to Ubuntu Jaunty, a situation that tended to annoy the heck out of me.  So today as I worked I had the machine do an update to Kubuntu Karmic.

There was some messiness around some broken packages, Open Office Mail Merge, a few support ...

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Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild

Yesterday we went out and bought two hard-disks to put in the server, just to make sure we don't run out of space.  We had plenty of extra space.  Didn't put them in, just set them on the desk.

So, of course, this morning we woke up to the server's root hard-disk mounted read-only and ...

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Finally setting up the Asterisk server

Today just never seemed to materialize.  I wound up sleeping most of the afternoon to try to finish off the last of this cold.  I spent the evening assembling furniture and then watching a forgettable movie with Soni.  In the middle of that I've been working on getting our Asterisk server set up.  I have ...

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