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Good lord this month is going slow (PyCon not even a month ago yet)

How is it possible that PyCon was less than a month ago. Heck, even this week seems to have taken a few weeks to complete. Maybe it's just that it's been almost two months since the last PyGTA meeting I was able to attend... and there's still another week and a day before the next ...

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False positives with Bayesian filter in Mozilla! (Following Murphy's law, of course)

This afternoon I got a call from Jeff, who I'm working with to offer a Python/Zope/Plone training seminar. He was just calling to confirm that I was okay with the rescheduling of the conference call from Friday to today. It was the first I'd heard of the conference call. I didn't have Jeff's email in ...

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Ploning alone (It's not half as complex as I was expecting)

Plone really is a fairly thin (but broad) layer on top of Zope machinery, with Archetypes seeming to be a fairly close analogue to my own BasicProperty project (in the emphasis on "Attributes", particularly). I spent the evening plumbing through the APIs (there's a lot in there) then settled down to read through the documentation.

Yesterday's day (Altogether pleasant party...)

Yesterday was entirely occupied with the party. Started rather late-ish (around 8 or so). Biggest news for me was when Nousha walked in (I'd been told she'd moved to China permanently). Whole thing lasted until 3:30 or so IIRC. Smaller crowd than I'd expected (basically none of the tentative repliers were able to come). Felt ...

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Hmm, getting started rather late this morning (Was hoping to be up and cleaning 2 hours ago)

No work until the place is ready and all the shopping is done. Spent last night getting testing code working and beginning to port in the SNMP-level stuff. Tried forcing myself to sleep on my back last night, feels better, but didn't actually sleep much. Okay, if I don't get a move on I'll get ...

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Garn this is complex (Refactoring isn't going well)

The problem being that, in this refactoring, the entire operating mechanism is being replaced with a new one. Instead of scanning a CMTS/Plant, it now scans a single modem or a sub-set of all modems (or that's the idea, in point of fact I'm still stuck where I can process individual modems, but they are ...

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females aren't fickle; they just change their mind (It's-from-the-CBC-so-it-must-be-true...)

Interesting article this evening. Looking at the how the mating preferences of bower birds change as the females age. Apparently flashy displays are more likely to impress the younger females, while older females are looking for energy and skill in a mating dance. Weirder yet, the young females are said to be afraid of the ...

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Continuing to simplify (And the party-count rises)

This evening I charge back into revising the core engine for Cinemon, particularly breaking out the processing of individual modems into a stand-alone operations that can be interspersed with the actual querying of the network.

Count for the party so far is 12 people with 4 of those tentative and 2 definite, but late. Still ...

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My that Joey's a useful chap (Perl at minimum...)

So, I have these things in my mind that I should be learning:
  • Haskell/OCaml/Functional Programming
  • Ruby/PERL/Messy Programming
To round out my programming toolbox. Sure, I could go for any number of other practical languages, but these seem like the ones that I should be learning to be a better programmer.

Mass simplification (Compressing complexity)

Have to head to a Unix Unanimous meeting this evening. Ah, pure geekiness, that homepage so looks like it was created in Vi. Kind of an inopportune moment. I 'm working on stripping down a set of 4 interlocking objects into 2. These are the core functionality of the scanning engine, which was originally designed ...

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