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PyTable and PyTableDA revs (Releasing all the changes over the last month or so)

No really huge changes for these versions. I've basically just been including minor fixes as they come up. Surprising number of downloads for something that never gets advertised and is an alpha-level core-code library. Anyway, want to use released versions on the project server, so there we go.

Mmm spam sans spam

Sure, I hate spam as much as anyone. I have ~1400 spams/week if Mozilla is to be trusted, with 3 or 4 getting through every day (some days as many as 20 or 30 get through when a new spamming mechanism shows up). Today I got one, however, that was just a set of joke ...

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A day spent with Zope (Is a day you never get back...)

Somehow managed to miss blogging for an entire day there; oops. Spent the whole day with the wonder that is Zope, first on the PyTableDA, tracking down a security-system complaint, fixing an icon, and repairing a form.

Then switched to stress-testing... or more precisely, setting up something so I can reproduce the annoying 4 or ...

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Blocked on ResourcePackage/wxPython conflict (I hate being blocked by silly things)

I decided to update the generated ResourcePackage-hosted resources directory to use wxPython 2.5 style naming. This should have been a few seconds of effort, but as soon as I re-generated the embedded resources everything went all to heck. Though the old generated files worked fine in wxPython 2.5, the new ones are fubarred, they cause ...

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Pleasant afternoon with Golnar (Now back to work (sigh))

Same old feeling of needing to cram my consciousness back into boring coding again. Today I'm going to try to finish off the wxoo conversion to wxPython 2.5 and maybe get some decent demos set up for PyTable's wxoo mechanisms. Last night I spent a few hours rewriting the current hotspot in PySNMP, unfortunately, though ...

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Rot13 silliness (Saw a post on rot13 and had to run it...)

There was a post on Leonard Richardson's blog about him playing with rot13 encodings of words that turn into other words. So, I did some interactive Python poking for a few moments using the international aspell dictionary/word-list. I stripped out all the 1 and 2 character matches, and here's the result.

Minimalism in design (Difficult)

Been working on the email alert design for Cinemon. The challenge here is to teach a computer to extract the "important" bits of information about an anomalous condition and report only that information in a clean-looking and readily understood format for the user.

Lots of UI tweaks (Feedback at last...)

We're going to try for more regular and robust feedback, so today we actually got some concrete directions on what needs to change in the UI. Nothing major, all pretty tiny changes, but enough to take at least a few days of work.

Tim was here with the laptop he has on loan from a ...

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