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What about a "we're ignoring this person, so you may as well block them" service (DDOS protection?)

Was just struck by this idea. Imagine for a moment that you publish a key in your DNS records which holds a "banning key" (a public-key certificate). Now, when you are writing software to deal with a DDOS, you record the IP addresses which are unambiguously participating in the attack (that's the annoying part with ...

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Oops, seem to have lost consciousness there (Luckily I made it to bed first...)

Apparently still a little wasted energy-wise, did a few hours of work and then just couldn't stay awake, so went back to bed. Don't actually feel any more rested now, but I'm semi-vertical again, and that's the important thing.

Had this nagging itch to call Natasha yesterday. Finally around 3 or 4 in the morning ...

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Alive: take 2 (When headaches recede...)

I think I can tentatively declare myself healthy again. The coffee is even reasonable tasting (yesterday it tasted like dishwater). There's still a bit of a throbbing behind one temple, and every few minutes I have the urge to lie down, but all in all I seem to be human again.

Had a flash a ...

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It's surprising how often I look down at the keyboard, desk or tablet (Touch typing not-withstanding)

Was maybe a bit hasty in declaring myself alive. Fever came back with a headache from heck. Think I'll just have to write off the day's work.

Interestingly (I hope, given that the last 3 or 4 posts have been really dull for just about all of my readers) I realised something as I was ...

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Yay! I'm alive! (And the fever brings clarity about a recurring dream...)

I'm only running the slightest of fevers now. Yay! Bit of a killer headache, and some diziness still, but I can work. It's taken me since 7 in the morning to drag myself around getting shaved, showered, fed, and coffeed. Mostly because I'd get dizzy and lie down.

Anyway, the cool thing is that I ...

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Still non-functional (And now Rosey's machine is infected...)

Fever is back up again, and I feel like I'm mentally underwater. Just lying in bed is getting painful, so I'm trying sitting up, but then dizziness hits. Rosey says I'm "burning up", but it's really much less intense than yesterday. Sick sucks.

To make my life perfect, Rosey's Windows machine has been infected by ...

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You'd a thunk I woulda noticed (Fever, muscle and joint pain...)

So, again, after Friday's workday I found myself just collapsing in bed and sleeping, but this time I woke up around 2 in the morning because my back, legs, neck, etceteras were just too painful to keep sleeping. Eventually managed to get back to sleep around 3 or 4 am, but woke up this morning ...

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Tim's been stolen! (Well, forcibly confined (they even took his shoes!))

Received a plaintive set of emails from our colleague Tim. We've recently been hiring him out as a sort of technical call-guy, sending him off to other people's offices to do whatever weird and warped things the customer wants him to do. All well and good.

Until a trick turns sour.

Poor guy has been ...

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Days are, ironically, shrinking (Or so it seems...)

Hands were so chutneyed last night that I went to bed as soon as I was finished work for the day. Exercise is fast becoming a top priority, as without getting my hands back to usable shape I'm not going to be getting much work done regardless of how much time I sit at the ...

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Firefox annoyances continue... (Profile recreationectomy almost works)

The bugs I discovered yesterday have been somewhat mitigated. Basically, if I start Firefox with --ProfileManager and use a new profile then everything works properly within the browser; of course, that means I have to click an extra button every time I load the browser (annoying, not deadly), and I've lost all of my site ...

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