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Long lunches are pleasant, but they push the day quite late (Thai buffet was well worth it, beautiful female companion was icing on the cake...)

XXX (picture and description withdrawn by request) was in town today (from ZZZ), so she dropped in and took Shane and I out to lunch at a little restaurant around the corner from Shane's place. XXX is a rather beautiful woman, admirable in all sorts of dimensions, so it's always fun to get together with ...

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Links to Nevow examples (Random googled links department...)

Just stumbled across this page during a Google search trying to figure out how to set a nevow tag property after creation. Seems to be a fairly large set of Nevow sample code. Will have to go through it and see if there's anything new beyond the regular Nevow example code. Hmm, looking closer ...

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Oh, about the editor project... (Apparently there are other such projects at the moment)

This is the project Linden and Jeffery (and their respective fathers, sorry no other people links, they aren't in the project wiki's people page) are working on. Apparently it's called Fuse. Michael Bernstein is also listed, though I didn't see him working on it while I was at the conference.

Ah, back to the world of Mikey (Looking back at the week of PyCon...)

Well, I appear to have arrived back in Toronto. Last day of the conference was nice enough, though I wish the Google keynote had a bit more detail. Got to sit next to a very beautiful woman through it, so I suppose I can't complain too much ;) . As a note on the talk, ...

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Laptops that melt and other PyCon trivia (Very pleasant evening eating and hacking once the presentation was done...)

Went to the business dinner last night, as one of the two VexTech delegates. Was a very pleasant evening, big gathering as normal. After it was done (around 10:00) D'Arcy and I wandered over to the conference centre again to look for people with whom to talk.

Wound up spending the evening hacking on a ...

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Ah, the grand and glorious day dawns (Suppose I could go down for the keynote...)

Kept waking up last night thinking of things that I'd like to tweak in the presentation. Going to do that now. Guido's keynote is in one minute... think I'll wind up skipping it.

I'm told Alex has been packing them in, so I can only assume that I'll ride his coat-tails to having far more ...

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Hmm, who do I think I am? (Finally she gets the styles changed...)

Natasha finally got the colours switched for her blog. Apparently she's going for a deep and introspective feel to the text. Number 9 is kinda sad for me. 19 is something I think I have a handle on. 20 is something that she should talk to Shane about (he was the one who was ...

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PyCon 2005 kicks off... (Like there aren't already 300 reports of its birth)

We wound up taking a few detours on the way down yesterday, so about 12.5 hours on the road. The hotel was rather less well appointed than we'd been hoping for $198/night, for instance, no internet access available.

Did my session of watching the front desk this morning, and managed to miss all of the ...

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Figuring out the PyCon schedule (When exactly do I present?)

I've not actually sat down yet to figure out to which talks I want to go. Guess I'll do that now (even though I'm not quite packed yet):

Keynote Python on the .NET Platform 9:30 Wed
Developing Responsive GUI Applications Using HTML and HTTP 2:30 Wed
Intuition and Python Programming - the Python Visual Sandbox ...

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