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Maybe I should hire an email secretary (Someone to battle the email-backlog-beast)

There are... well... thousands and thousands of emails in my various inboxes all waiting for responses. There's 200+ PyOpenGL emails marked needing attention. There's 300+ sitting in the main inbox. I'm thousands of messages behind on Python list. Maybe I should just take a day sometime soon and just wade through it all. I try ...

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OpenGL-ctypes play in the margins (Where's the time...)

I've been trying to work on OpenGL-ctypes in the hours here and there. Mostly minor fixes. I've added the Demos directory from PyOpenGL. I've added and tested the Tk/Togl system with Togl 1.7 (system install (though there was no emerge for Gentoo and required re-emerging Python with Tkinter (yay, Tkinter isn't included in Python))) and ...

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Apparently I've become somewhat used to A/C (Crash in the heat of the home-office)

Linux Caffe's power was out when I got there this morning, so after a quick stop to pick up a cell phone for the business I came home, intending to just sit down and work. Lying down on the floor was solely done to say hello to little Caillou (the puppy), but I wound up ...

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Invoicing with ReportLab (A bit of sample code for the curious...)

Have been working with the open-source ReportLab package to create invoices the last few days. The results aren't what I would consider beautiful yet, but they are a reasonable layout format for an invoice. Since it took me a bit of time to set it up I figure I'll share it with the world.

The ...

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Grams packs the house one last time (Thank you all...)

Grams funeral was very well attended, lots of friends and family. She was a tiny, lovable lady and she will be missed dearly. St Hilda's (her retirement village) sent a whole van full of her friends over for the funeral. Neat fact I was reminded of today: Soni lives just a few doors down from ...

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First day with the little puppy (Alone, at least...)

Rose's little puppy (Caillou, pronounced Kayu) was alone in his new cage when I got home today. I took him out, played with him, fed him some kibble by hand (he thinks it's a treat), and then Rosey got home and told me he hadn't been outside in hours... so that's what all the hyper-ness ...

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Wild Cowlicks

I stroked her hair just yesterday
As she always pretended to hate
Smoothing down wild cowlicks
As I told her of the passing week
About our new dog arriving
With my little sister returning
I don't know if she heard
Through the drugs and dreams
But at least I stroked her hair

Sharing Her

I tried to share her
Cajoling friends along
She charmed them to a one
With easy smiles she won them
With open heart she took them
With a hug she set them free

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