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Her Lesson

Give thanks to those
Who help you
When you are young
Because when you are old
And realise
How precious they were
They will be gone

So she told me
Time and again
Remembering her uncle
Taking in an orphan
The lady who raised her
Along with her daughters
Kindly shopkeepers
Giving her sweets

Yet ...

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The Step of Helen

It's been three years
Since she told me

She was prepared to go
Though she didn't figure
There was anything beyond
She was finished with this world

Satisfied she'd done her duty
Proud of her far-off gifted son
Glad of her charming daughter
Happy with what she'd begun

Yet we imposed upon her to pause ...

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Procrastination pays (Apparently, with accounting software...)

As some of you may recall, GNUCash went a bit nuts a few weeks ago and stopped being able to calculate overall totals or produce printable invoices. Last week's invoice was long enough that I just didn't want to hand-produce it, so I decided to try the 2.0.0 release (marked unstable (~amd64) on Gentoo).

There ...

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How can I promise the eternal
When I see stone shattered
Bedrock friendships cracked
Firm foundations sunk
Swallowed in the sands
Of cold creeping time
I cannot promise

Need to figure out a better name for Better Billing (It's already taken...)

One of these days I need to figure out a better name for the new billing system. At the moment I'm calling it "Better Billing" because it's intention is to be better than the legacy system we're using, but that name is already occupied by other billing systems. Just something to keep in the back ...

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Evening on Turbogears (Refactoring doesn't go well...)

I'm planning to spend tomorrow on the long-term Open Source project for a general ISP billing system. So tonight I reviewed the code and tried to get some refactoring done. Basically I split out the various sub-schemas into separate modules so that it's easier to follow which pieces are logically connected.

But now TurboGears doesn't ...

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Making mountains (Molehill demo not working...)

Working a bit on OpenGL-ctypes as I wait for Soni. The molehill demo, which renders a multi-coloured NURBS surface with "plastic" lighting is rendering the surface (that is, is creating the nurbs shape) perfectly well, but isn't managing to display the colours.

Crossing the nodal point (Risk-free to ever-so-tiny-risk...)

Today marks the first day where my expenses for each day of work are greater than the income that I personally produce during that day. From this point I have to always get work from my subcontractors sufficient to pay part of their fees. I'm not particularly worried about that, it's just something that hit ...

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