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I was going to bed somewhere back there ('pedia makes 2 hours disappear...)

Was about to go to bed when I decided to review the article on proportion. Realised it needed some work (and some fact-checking), so I pulled out my old copy of Vitruvius "The Ten Books of Architecture" and started thumbing through it. Eventually wound up pulling out Tzonis and Lefaivre too... you know it's getting ...

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More ctypes goodness (Elegance improves with understanding of ctypes)

I spent this evening working on the ctypes rewrite of PyOpenGL. Mostly I worked on the code for handling single argument functions where that argument is an array (next step being to generalise to all methods where the arrays are anywhere in a multi-argument parameter set (did the machinery for that this evening, just didn't ...

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The Lion in Winter (I think far too much...)

As part of my "not sitting at the computer" time today, I watched a movie (The Lion in Winter). It's a darn good movie, but the central plot development, a love needlessly abandoned that warps an entire family dropped me into one of those pensive funks.

A true love is lost for nothing, which suggests ...

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Exporting to PDF should *not* take hours and multiple operating systems (Oh, and it should be real PDF, not dozens of images...)

Okay, I decided to work on the product datasheet (one page take-away with the key information, what the product does, what its features are, and where to get more information). Have a first draft done and decide to test it. Prints out fine on Rose's HP BubbleJet (modulo the limitations of the printer itself) across ...

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Inkscape just keeps impressing me (Can't say the same for Scribus, unfortunately...)

Inkscape is rapidly turning into one of my favourite applications. Not only does it readily handle churning out standard page layouts and reading Cinemon's generated SVG, it does a very nice job of rendering out to images. I also use it for creating the templates for the generated SVG. The workflow is a little clunky, ...

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Test-first giveth (Test-first taketh away...)

Spent the bulk of the day testing handling of fairly rare occurences. Found a number of bugs in the new code, no big deal there. Then discovered that the same code in the original code suffers from almost the same problem. Okay, annoying. But now that I've fixed it I seem to be running into ...

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That was less disruptive than I thought it would be (Hellos take all of 5 minutes and I'm back to work!)

Rosey and friend pretty much just dropped off the luggage and then headed out to the park to let the kids run off their energy from the long day cooped up in planes and airports. I got rather a lot of work done on poster brainstorming... which wasn't actually what I was planning to do ...

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